Cutting Your Leaf Cactus – When Is Necessary?

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In principle, the leaf cactus does not need to be cut at all. If you have enough space, just let it grow. Only the faded flowers you should cut right away. For some species, this will encourage a second flowering.

Blattkaktus Rückschnitt
If cut off withered, this may stimulate a second flowering

When to cut the leaf cactus?

Leaf cactus is often grown as a hanging basket plant, because the long leaf limbs hang down very decoratively. Longer shoots are quite desirable in this case. Therefore, it is not necessary to prune a leaf cactus. However, you can prune it at any time to:

  • shorten protruding shoots
  • remove withered shoots
  • cut old and diseased shoots
  • take cuttings for propagation

Cutting Your Leaf Cactus - When Is Necessary?

Shorten overhanging, diseased and old shoots.
In low light, the shoots of leaf cactus sometimes become very long and thin. You should calmly cut such shoots. You may also remove very long hanging branches that disturb the overall appearance of a hanging basket plant. Shoots that have dried up or are already very old can also be shortened at any time.

You can prune at any time, only during the winter period you should limit such care measures to the most necessary.

To cut leaf cacti, use sharp knives that you have previously cleaned. In this way, you will prevent diseases, bacteria or fungi from being transferred to the leaf cactus.

Cut off faded flowers
When the flowers of the leaf cactus are faded, they unnecessarily rob the plant of strength. Therefore, it is worthwhile to always cut off faded flowers right away.

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Some species of leaf cacti are even encouraged to bloom a second time by removing faded flowers. You will then be able to enjoy your leaf cactus for even longer.

Cutting cuttings for propagation
The leaf cactus can be easily propagated by cuttings. To do this, you only need to cut healthy shoots of sufficient length.

The best time to cut cuttings is spring or summer.

Allow the cuttings to dry for at least one day. Then put the cuttings in prepared pots with a mixture of garden soil and sand.

The leaf cactus does not tolerate frost of any kind. However, it must be kept cooler in winter, otherwise it will not bloom much or will not develop flowers at all.


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