The Right Soil For Epiphyllum (Leaf Cactus)

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 09:03 pm

Epiphyllum differs other species of cacti by its requirements to the soil. What substrate is suitable for a leaf cactus? How to compose the right soil for the epiphyllum yourself.


Never use cactus soil as a substrate!
Even though the Epiphyllum is a cactus species, its requirements differ from those of other cactus species. In cactus soil leaf cactus does not thrive.

The Right Soil For Epiphyllum (Leaf Cactus)

In stores you can get special substrate for leaf cacti. However, you can also simply compose the soil yourself. It should be slightly acidic and, above all, very loose.

For this you need normal soil for houseplants, which you mix with sand or gravel. The mixing ratio should be two-thirds soil and one-third sand.

You should never fertilize an epiphyllum with cactus fertilizer, as it does not contain the right nutrients. Use a special foliage cactus fertilizer or liquid fertilizer for green plants with low nitrogen, the dosage of which is halved.


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