Interesting Facts About Epiphyllum Species – Leaf Cacti

Epiphyllum is the botanical name for the leaf cactus, which comes in numerous species. Most varieties are extremely easy to care for and are therefore ideal plants for beginners. Due to their great diversity in flower colors and growth habit, they enjoy great popularity as houseplants.


Interesting facts about Epiphyllum species
native to the rainforests of South and Central America
not hardy
very easy to care
blooms only after five years
needs rest in winter
The best known species of the leaf cactus are the Christmas cactus and the Easter cactus.

Most diverse flower colors of the different Epiphyllum species.

Leaf cactus is characterized by the fact that it produces very different colors of flowers, depending on the variety. Epiphyllum anguliger, for example, bears flowers 15 to 18 cm long, whose outer bracts are lemon yellow and the inner leaves are pure white in color. Epiphyllum oxypetalum, on the other hand, develops smaller pointed flowers with reddish outer petals.

Most species have a drooping habit and re therefore popular grown as hanging baskets. In addition to the jointed leaves, they bear strongly flattened shoots.

Unlike other species of cacti, Epiphyllum has no or very weak spines.

Epiphyllum mostly as hybrid in trade
Epiphyllum grows in nature as an epiphyte, that is, on other plant species. The species offered in the trade are usually hybrids, which are much more robust and also better cope with conditions in the house.

All species of epiphyllum are easy to care for
The care of the leaf cactus differs from other species of the large cactus family. Unlike them, it needs more moisture and also likes occasional small applications of fertilizer.

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In winter, the epiphyllum must be placed a little cooler, because without a rest it will not produce flowers, or only a few.

It is important that you never use cactus soil as a substrate, nor provide the epiphyllum with special cactus fertilizer. Potting soil mixed with sand or gravel is suitable as soil. For fertilizing, there are leaf cactus fertilizers or fertilizers for green plants, which contain little nitrogen.

Epiphyllum bears not only very decorative, but usually fragrant flowers. The white-flowered species of epiphyllum are the most fragrant. The flowering period of most varieties lasts from spring to summer.


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