The Leaf Cactus Does Not Bloom – What Could Be The Reason?

Leaf cactus, especially known are the species Christmas cactus and Easter cactus, delights with its beautiful flowers. But occasionally the bloom fails to appear altogether. What is the reason when the leaf cactus does not bloom, and what can you do about it?

Blattkaktus ohne Blüte

What to do if the leaf cactus does not bloom?

If the leaf cactus blooms little or not at all, it is either still too young or the care is not right. Many species of leaf cactus bloom only after a few years.

Propagate leaf cactus via cuttings or from seed.
But above all, the form of wintering plays an important role. If the leaf cactus is kept too warm in winter, it will not flower.

Leaf cacti come in many different species
The number of leaf cactus species is huge. They differ not only in the shape and color of their flowers, but also in their care requirements.

If your leaf cactus does not bloom, find out what species your epiphyllum is and what care it specifically requires.

The proper care of foliage cacti
In general, the following care procedures must be followed when caring for a foliage cactus:

cut flowers
put in the dark by the hour
winter properly
Unlike other types of cacti, the leaf cactus does not like drought at all. You need to water an epiphyllum regularly during the growing season without causing waterlogging. In addition, the leaf cactus needs sufficient nutrients, which you provide it in the form of fertilizer.

Some varieties, such as Schlumbergera, require several hours of complete darkness each day to develop flowers.

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Put in a cooler place in winter
Leaf cactus does not tolerate frost. Temperatures at the site should never fall below ten degrees. If you care for it outside in the summer, you need to bring it indoors in time to overwinter it in the fall.

After the flowering phase, which for most species of leaf cactus ends in the fall, the leaf cactus needs a resting period in which it stands cooler than in the summer. During this period, temperatures between 12 and 14 degrees are ideal.

If the cooler phase is not maintained, the leaf cactus will bloom very little or not at all the following year.

The leaf cactus needs little care. It appreciates a bright location throughout. However, it does not like direct midday sun, for example in a south window.


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