Diatomaceous Earth: 5 Clever Ways To Use This Great Product

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Too little known, diatomaceous earth is nevertheless a great help in everyday life. Natural, economical and ultra-absorbent, it can be of great service to those who know how to use it! Moreover, it is non-toxic and replaces many chemical products (insecticide spray, pesticides…).

Nevertheless, its multiple uses make it worth this little spotlight! It is indeed a natural repellent, biological insecticide and antiparasitic reputed to get rid without mercy of crawling insects or harmful insects of all types. However, this is not the only way to use diatomaceous earth. Here are 5 examples to prove it.

Diatomaceous Earth: 5 Clever Ways To Use This Great Product

Also called silicon dioxide or diatomite, this powder made from microscopic algae is quite volatile. Be careful with your eyes and avoid ingesting it when spraying or sprinkling it!

1) As a powerful insecticide on your pets and your home

Diatomaceous Earth: 5 Clever Ways To Use This Great Product

Often, it is the use as a contact insecticide that we know best of this product! Diatomaceous earth works wonderfully against fleas on our pets or against ticks. Indeed, you can sprinkle it on all the corners where they hide (carpets, cracks in the floor, places of passage, etc.) and let it act for a few hours, even overnight to eradicate the invasion. Then vacuum. And to use it on animals to treat them, sprinkle directly on their coat and brush their coat back to facilitate the penetration of the powder! Then repeat the application once a week for three weeks.

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It can also be used to prevent and treat chicken red lice. After a thorough cleaning of the henhouse, sprinkle it on the walls, floors and perches. In case of heavy infestation, consider sprinkling it in the clean litter boxes. Finally, use it at home in infested corners and passage areas against bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, food moths or silverfish.

Moreover, putting some on the points of entry is particularly dissuasive for all the small beasts. It is indeed excellent as a preventive measure against unwanted parasitic insects and mites! It is a natural insect barrier and very effective against all pests. No need for insecticide spray with this natural product!

2) Diatomaceous earth to reduce bad odors to nothing

Diatomaceous Earth: 5 Clever Ways To Use This Great Product

Its absorbency on liquids is usually praised. Nevertheless, it is rarely mentioned that it also absorbs bad odors just like baking soda! So, you can put some in your cat’s litter box to help it absorb urine and its unpleasant smells. Also, you can simply put some in your smelly shoes. Here, it will take little to obtain a satisfactory deodorizing result.

3) Multiple household uses of this unusual soil

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It also has a slightly abrasive effect that helps to scrape off the most difficult stains. So, we love it whether it’s in a homemade scouring powder, in a dirty dish or on metals to be shined (silverware, copper or stainless steel). To use it, no need to make complicated mixtures: make a paste with powder and water then rub with a sponge gently. Also, like its cousin terre de Sommières, you can use it to absorb liquid stains before vacuuming and cleaning. This is especially useful on oil stains!

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4) Diatomaceous earth is also a natural insecticide for the garden

Diatomaceous Earth: 5 Clever Ways To Use This Great Product

On our pets, it is safe as long as you don’t put it in their eyes. On the other hand, small invasive animals in the garden or vegetable garden (against ants, aphids, caterpillars and other miniature pests) fear it enormously. In fact, use it only as a last resort, because it is not repellent… it kills these bugs without mercy! To do this, sprinkle a little around the plants. If necessary, protect the plants from rain once treated, as the soil will not work once wet.

5) And finally, make an exfoliating face mask out of it!

Diatomaceous Earth: 5 Clever Ways To Use This Great Product

Its abrasive power allows you to exfoliate the skin well, but avoid on sensitive skin. Also, its absorbent effect has a sensational effect on oily skin and acts a bit like clay! To do this, we make a thick paste with water, 3 teaspoons of diatomaceous earth and 2 to 3 drops of an essential oil suitable for your skin type. Then apply it to your face and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing well with warm water and moisturizing.


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