Do It Yourself: Make Peanut Necklace For Birds

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:24 pm

When the trees have lost their leaves in winter, the garden birds can be seen frolicking in the branches. Otherwise well hidden by the leaves, we finally see the singers. We can observe them even better when a feeder attracts them. Because when it gets really cold, birds are almost magically attracted to the filled bird feeder. Besides classic bunnies and feeders, there is another way to feed them: with a peanut chain. This can be hung like a garland on, for example, a pergola, flower boxes on the balcony or tree branches.

The great thing about this form of bird feeding is that, unlike purchased tit dumplings, it does not create waste. The string used can be easily reused, for example, to tie plants together in the spring. The fallen peanut shells can either be swept up or left as fertilizer.

Do It Yourself: Make Peanut Necklace For Birds

Since the peanut chain is easy to make, you can also do this little craft together with children – and then watch the feathered guests pecking.

Do It Yourself: Make Peanut Necklace For Birds

Instructions for a peanut chain

What you need
unshelled peanuts
a darning needle
a cotton string (for example the string from the raccoon package)
If necessary, a chestnut borer to drill into the peanut shells.

And this is how it works

  • Thread the string onto the needle and tie the end in a thick knot.
  • Now pierce the needle in the middle of the peanut (on the narrow side) or pre-pierce with the chestnut borer beforehand, so that the needle goes through easier.
  • Now thread the peanuts one by one onto the string until the chain reaches the desired length.
  • Now hang the peanut chain outside in the garden or on the balcony in a suitable place. Remember that the feeding place is out of reach of cats.
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Tip: It is also possible to form small circles from the long peanut chain, connect them and hang them in the bush or on the tree like a kind of Christmas ball. If you wish, you can additionally decorate them with a beautiful bow.


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