How To Attract Birds To Your Balcony

Attract birds to the balcony. What is the best way to do this? Many species of birds in Europe are threatened with extinction.

That’s why many people have taken it upon themselves to feed birds on their balconies all year round. Would you also like to do something for our native birds?
Then this article is just right for you.

You will learn many interesting tricks and tips to make your balcony the favorite place of all birds. Easy and quick to implement for everyone. Promised. Let’s go!

Can you attract birds to the balcony?

Yes, you can attract birds to your balcony. By installing feeding columns, feeders and birdbaths, after a short period of acclimation, native birds will regularly visit your balcony.

Usually a while passes before the balcony is accepted. After all, the birds have to discover the feeders first.

But do not worry. In the bird world, the food offer will get around quickly and after a short time, many different songbirds will come to visit you.

How to attract birds on the balcony? (In summer)

Attracting birds on the balcony is quite simple. Birds are attracted by the food offer alone. Species-appropriate planting of balcony boxes has a particularly attractive effect on birds.
By planting insect-friendly wildflowers (wildflower seeds are offered in every well-stocked hardware store.), insects that draw their nectar from them feel at home.

Where insects feel at home, birds are not long in coming. After all, these are on their menu.

It is advantageous if the facade is greened (e.g. by ivy). After all, a large number of insects cavort in the facade greenery during the warm months. If nesting boxes are offered, birds will also quickly discover and use them.

Since the NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) recommends feeding native birds all year round, households with balconies can also make a contribution to protecting birdlife.

How to attract birds on the balcony? (In winter)

In winter, when the balcony planting has faded and the cold east wind blows, it becomes uncomfortable outdoors. Not only we humans retreat to the warm, but also the local birds are looking for shelter and food.
These are exactly the two things you can offer the birds. Maybe you hang several birdhouses on your balcony, which can be decorated with fir branches. You not only help the birds, but it also looks very pretty and decorative.

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Alternatively, you can tie several large twigs of brushwood together and fix them in one corner of the balcony. There the birds can retreat and rest a little.

If you want to dispose of your Christmas tree, leave it in the corner of the balcony for a while. The tree will surely be accepted by many birds as a quiet and safe resting place.

Different feeders – Different bird species

If you want to have visitors from many different bird species, you should offer soft food* and grain food*. Many people wonder why, for example, robins do not come to the balcony.

If only grain food is offered, then it is no wonder. Robins only eat soft food. (There is a detailed section on this topic later in the article).
To offer the two types of food on the balcony, you can install various bird feeders on your balcony.

You can find a wide selection at Amzon. I like the Gardmann feeder* the best because you can customize it exactly to your liking.

Would you rather sit at a richly laid table with lots of goodies or at a table with water and bread? Just like you, it is also the domestic birds.

Varied and tasty food is a guarantee for lots of birds on the balcony.

Is it allowed to feed birds on the balcony?

Yes, it is allowed to feed birds on the balcony. Legally, a tenant may not be prohibited from doing so in the first place. It can be forbidden if balconies below are permanently soiled with food remains and droppings.

Therefore one should already make sure with the mechanism of a bird-friendly balcony that neighbors do not feel disturbed or impaired.

If you want to install a bird house, a feeding house, a feeding column or a nesting box permanently (e.g. by drilling into the facade of an apartment building), this project should definitely be discussed with the responsible property management – there is no right to do so.

How to feed on the balcony dirt-free?

Dirt and grime on your own balcony or even the balcony below can become a real problem. Due to feces and food remains, many people feel disturbed. Also the house management and the house owner will not be enthusiastic.

To avoid dirt from the start, before installing a feeding column or a feeding house on the balcony, attention should be paid to the location.

Droppings and food should not be able to be blown to the balcony below. If one brings a bowl under the feed house, the dirt is caught. There droppings and food remains can accumulate.

Daily cleaning of the collection tray is recommended, otherwise food and droppings will mix. If a bird ingests this mixture, there is a risk of infection due to the resulting germs.

You should also pay attention to the daily cleaning of the bird bath. Here, too, there is a danger of germs. Birds should only be offered fresh water, which should be changed daily. The type of feed also plays a role.

Unhulled sunflower seeds and unground corn should be avoided. These feeds cause a lot of dirt. In addition, the feed offered should contain few fillers.
Fillers serve the bird feeder to stretch the feed. However, the native birds sort out the fillers because they do not eat them. This creates even more dirt.

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Attract birds with bird sounds – Is it possible?

No, you should avoid using noises/bird calls to attract birds. In general, birds like it quiet. If there is constant noise, loud music or a television, the birds will actually wait for you.

Although birds can also cause deafening noise, they themselves avoid it. A major problem is caused by smartphone apps that play bird calls.

Birds are by no means attracted by this, on the contrary, it can lead to a strong irritation of birds.

The consequences can be severe, causing them to change their breeding behavior. In the worst case, the birds abort their brood because they believe a competitor they are not equal to is nearby. The use of such apps, also known as sound dummies, is even prohibited by law in the Federal Nature Conservation Act.

Can I hang a nest box on the balcony?

Yes, you can hang a nest box on your balcony. First of all, it is important to know that a balcony is generally able to protect birds from predators.

Balconies are usually located high and make it quite difficult for a marten or a cat to reach a nest box there.
Before deciding to install a nest box on a balcony, the climatic conditions should be checked. Permanent sun and shade are unsuitable for nest boxes.

Birds will also appreciate a rain-protected entrance hole. It is best to hang a nest box in the fall. Birds no longer breed in the fall, but a nest box can serve them as a shelter for the winter.

Especially blue tits and sparrows (but also other bird species) will accept the nest box with enthusiasm.

As people are spreading out more and more and hedges and trees suitable as nesting sites are becoming increasingly scarce in large cities, you can provide excellent support for endangered bird species by hanging nesting boxes, for example a Schwegler nesting box for small birds*.

Can I feed birds at the window?

Yes, you can feed birds at the window. By attaching bird feeders directly to the window, you can keep an excellent eye on the goings-on.

According to NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union), if a birdhouse is attached directly to the window, the birds are not at risk of injury, as you might think.

Since not everyone has a terrace, balcony or garden, window feeding is suitable for all households. For this purpose, you can use the AnTom Premium Window Birdhouse*. It has an extremely secure hold on the window, as it has 3 strong suction cups.

Why don’t birds come to the bird house anymore – Is unsuitable bird food to blame?
When birds suddenly stop coming to the birdhouse, something is usually wrong. Often the bird species that visit the balcony find unsuitable food.

Among the domestic bird species, a distinction is made between grain eaters and soft food eaters.

Grain food

Sparrows, blue tits and finches prefer grain foods. This includes any seeds (e.g. sunflower seeds), peanuts and millet. Mecklenburg country grain food would be suitable.

Soft food for birds

Soft feeders, such as robins and wrens prefer oatmeal, raisins, apples and bran. The Dehner Natura soft food would be very suitable.

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If a blue tit, for example, only finds soft food, it will stay away. Therefore, you should observe well which bird species visit the balcony.

Why do birds no longer come to the bird house – What can be other reasons?

Feeding and nesting sites not protected

If feeding and nesting sites are not protected from the weather, i.e. wet due to rain or too hot due to direct sunlight, they will not be visited. In this case, moving the feeding and nesting sites to the balcony will remedy the situation.

The noise level should also be taken into account. If there is a ruckus and noise, birds will stay away permanently.

Danger from wild animals

If the balcony lies in the second floor and threatens the danger that predators (raccoon, marten. Cat and Co.) enter, native birds think three times whether they use the balcony. It is simply too dangerous.

Is there a new pet?

Or maybe a new pet has moved into the apartment and is just too curious. If there is a cat or dog constantly moving around the window/patio door, the birds will flee.

Feeding birds at the window – it’s that easy!

Can I set up a feeding station on the balcony?

Yes, you can set up a feeding station on the balcony. Feeding columns are especially suitable. The advantage of a feeding column is that it is very hygienic. In a bird house, the substrate must be cleaned daily, which is also very inconvenient.

This work is not necessary with a feeding column. Only the emptying of an installed collection tray should take place daily. I use the feeding column Big Tower from Erdtmann*. This is particularly suitable for tits, sparrows and woodpeckers.

Bird feeder on the balcony

Tit dumplings are also suitable on the balcony. They are well accepted. Tit dumplings should always be offered without a net. The risk of injury, e.g. entanglement of the foot, is simply too great.

In addition, plastic nets pollute the environment. The place on the balcony where the tit dumplings are hung should be dry and clean.


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