Remove Moss Easily Without Chemicals

Removing moss is not exactly one of the favorite jobs in the garden. However, the green coating can be removed with a few tricks without chemicals.

After the winter months, moss is a thorn in the side of many amateur gardeners. Some of them then resort to aggressive, chemical cleaners. Home remedies can also combat the undesirable green discoloration.

Remove moss with home remedies: Avoid chemical and aggressive cleaners.

According to, the green coating consists of plant microorganisms that cover surfaces as a fine layer. Especially in the damp winter cold, mosses and lichens settle on it. Garden owners are often anything but enthusiastic about this and want to get rid of the green coating as quickly as possible in the spring. Slugs are similarly unpopular. However, the pests may not be driven away by any means.

To avoid laboriously scraping the moss off the ground on their knees, amateur gardeners can resort to various home remedies. Unlike cleaners, these are more environmentally friendly and cheaper.* knows, on which one should pay attention with the garden work in March otherwise still.

Removing moss with water: How the home remedy can help against the green coating.

According to, consumers can use the water method, among other things. This requires some physical effort, but this is said to be much more pleasant than fumbling on your knees. For this Lifehack water is poured on the soil, in order to loosen the moss and the algae.

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This is followed by the use of a hard bristle scrubber, which garden owners should use to go over the moss and lichen. If the coating has grown up, boiling water can be used, which should kill the roots of the green coating. After a few hours, the layer can also be scrubbed away.

Removing moss: Soda trick as a miracle weapon against annoying green coating in the garden

But hot water can also be a real miracle cure in combination with soda. 20 grams to a liter are enough to create an environmentally friendly green coating remover.

This is then poured onto the affected areas and left to rest for a night. Subsequently, the green coating can also be easily swept away, and then rinsed off with a garden hose. However, a well-known sugar drink can also provide a remedy.

Removing moss with cola: How the drink can help against green film in the garden.

Therefore, consumers can reach for cola, because to remove moss and lichen, the drink is well suited. The liquid should only be poured over the stubborn spots, and also leave to soak overnight.

Eine Person entfernt Moos mit einem Messer.

Due to the phosphoric acid in the drink, the unwanted greens die. Subsequently, this trick is also necessary to rinse with clean water, so that the sugar does not attract insects, and the soil does not stick. However, certain gardening should be avoided, because it can be quite expensive.


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