Remove Weeds With Pasta Water

Remove Weeds With Pasta Water

If you want to get rid of weeds, you don’t always have to resort to chemicals. Simple home remedies such as pasta water also make the lawn beautiful again.

Anyone who attaches importance to a flawless lawn without clover, daisies or other accessory plants actually has to deal with the supply all the time.

Apply pasta water in the garden: Secret tip against weeds in the lawn

But instead of reaching for expensive means from the garden center or scarifying an entire area, quite simple and inexpensive home remedies also help. The magic word is called pasta water, which can still work wonders not only in the kitchen.

These leftovers should help on the lawn or in the flower bed, not only to remove the weeds, but in the best case also get rid of them in the long term. But why? The pasta water is rich in starch and thus clogs the so-called stomata, or plant pores.

The unwanted growths in the bed thus die and are easier to remove. Probably a welcome bonus for most amateur gardeners: Ideally, the entire organism of the weed also dies along with it, and peace reigns for some time when it comes to weeds.

Get rid of weeds in the garden: Pasta water and potato water help

By the way, potato water has the same effect,. The application of the Suds in the garden is thereby conceivably simple. Because both after the noodles or potatoes cook the still hot water can be given into the bed. In order to hit exact places, approximately a trowel can help.

If possible, who also wants to destroy the remaining roots of the weeds, should pour hot pasta or potato water over the affected area again after pulling.

Clean the garden from weeds: Not every plant must be removed

Those who do not want to rid their garden of weeds at all, of course, do not have to. Because despite the rather negative name, in most cases weeds are not harmful to other plants at all. Some even have positive benefits.

Dandelions, for example, are a valuable food source for insects. Nettles are also a food source for butterflies, for example, but can still be useful against other weeds.

When using vinegar, on the other hand, one should be rather careful. This inexpensive household remedy can damage the soil in the garden.

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