Fight Ants – The 7 Best Home Remedies

The 7 best home remedies against ants

Even though ants can have a positive effect on the garden, I don’t want them in the house or on the terrace.

So that my readers are not completely unprepared for ants this year, I’m starting a little earlier this year with a post about various home remedies that I use to expel ants.
It is great that there are home remedies that work. But the best home remedy is still when you don’t need it….

So in the first place you should avoid that the ants come into your house. So you should not leave sweets and also dog food and cat food open. If the ants nevertheless came into the house, one should look up as fast as possible where the ants come from and what is the aim of the desired…

Drive away ants with essential herbs

Ants avoid strongly scented and essential plants, because they have a very sensitive sense of smell. Here, it is recommended to plant e.g. lavender, chervil, garlic, juniper leaves, thyme or peppermint. You should then place these plants near doors and basement windows.

Divert ants with simple chalk

To ward off ants even before they enter the house, you can draw a thick line on the ground with simple chalk. Ants hate chalk and so the chalk line becomes an insurmountable barrier for the pests.

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Relocate ant colony

Outdoors, an ant colony can be completely relocated by filling a flower pot with soil, wood wool or even newspaper. Then place the flower pot upside down on the ant nest. When the ants have moved in there in just a few days, you can relocate them.

Drive away ants with vinegar

Vinegar is also an excellent ant repellent. To do this, it is best to take a little vinegar and mix it with a little water, then pour it into a conventional spray bottle. Then spray this mixture on the small pests, as well as the known ant trails.

Fighting ants with lemon peel and cinnamon powder

I often also put lemon peels and cinnamon powder in front of the entrances of the ant nest, the ants are deterred by the intense smell.

Repeatedly soak ant nests with water

With repeated flooding of the ant burrow, the ants will look for a new place to stay….

Copper coins at the entrances of the burrows

Simply place some penny pieces or other copper money in nest vicinity and ant burrow entrances. The ants will also look for a new burrow, of course without taking the money with them… 😉


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