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Growing and Caring For a Jade Plant

The jade plant, with a scientific name “crassula ovatta” and also called the “silver plant”, is native to South Africa, is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, being very easy to maintain and care for.

They can reach up to one and a half meters in height, although its growth is quite slow and its way of spreading to the sides unifying with its thick stem often makes it confused with a bonsai. The leaves are fleshy, round and green, the stem is reddish and produces purple flowers.

How to grow the jade plant?

faire pousser la plante de jade

How to grow the jade plant
You may have noticed that the jade plant it is characterized by fairly thick leaves Well, what gives them this thickness is the accumulated Water Hence the name given to this and other types of plants that accumulate liquid in their tissues.

We can grow our own plant, starting from a stem of another in good health and condition, trying to choose a thick one and paying special attention to the fact that the distance between the stem and the leaves is long enough, this will avoid having to cut the leaves when planting.

One thing to remember is that this stem or cutting it must be left to dry for a few days before being planted and once the stem is ready, it must be chosen a pot of the right size for cutting, add a prepared soil with the necessary nutrients and that has good drainage, the latter being vital because the jade plant requires little water and if the drainage is not good, we run the risk of rotting the plant. It is said that the plant has the ability to take new roots by itself, but adding it is optional.

Steps to plant jade plant

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A hole is made in the soil and we introduce the stem to a sufficient depth where it stands firm.

Sunlight is vital for plant growthThat’s why we must ensure a space where it receives light indirectly, preferably for as many hours as possible.

Once the previous planting process is done, the plant must have time to root, which is a very effective process in jade, but it may take a few weeks. During this time it should not be watered to prevent the stem from rotting, but how do you know if it already has roots?

This is a very good question and is, according to experts, an indication of this is that they are observed new growth at the top of the stem. Another way to find out is to remove the stem from the pot to check if it has roots, but the latter is not highly recommended.

Care of jade plants

Because it was a fleshy plant, its water requirements are low, so before watering it we should make sure the soil is dry by inserting our finger at least two or three centimeters, if it is indeed dry, it is time to water it.

It is recommended to use a flower pot, which has drainage holes for better care of the plant and also be careful not to wet the leaves. You should try to get daylight, between five and six hours a day. If the leaves turn brown, this indicates that they are burning, as they are receiving a lot of sunlight. This brings us to the next point, if we want to change it, let’s try not to do it abruptly, that is, from a very bright place to a very dark place, because we will affect it.

we must keep the plant clean, eliminating the leaves that fall and if we want to prune some of them, this is also valid, always paying special attention not to prune too much the main stem since this weakens it.

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