Hedge Trimmer Rent Vs Buy – Which Is Better?

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:29 pm

Hedges are very popular as boundary and design elements in the garden. This is no surprise, as they provide privacy, dampen noise, filter dust and create habitat for many small animals.

However, in order for hedges to serve their purpose, they need regular maintenance. Hedge trimmers are the right tool for the job.

Hedge Trimmer Rent Vs Buy - Which Is Better?

If you are thinking about whether it is better to rent a hedge trimmer for a short time or to buy a hedge trimmer cheaply, you can find more information here.

Buy hedge trimmer

Most gardening enthusiasts are probably thinking about buying a hedge trimmer. Online and in specialized stores, there is every kind of device, both with and without battery and with different weight and blade length.

Arguments for the purchase

Unlike a hedge trimmer for rent, a purchased device is your property. It is always at your disposal.

You don’t have to go to the hardware store to pick it up or wait for it to be delivered. In addition, you can choose a model from the many mobile devices that exactly meet your needs.

For most garden owners, a cordless hedge trimmer is probably the best choice. Others who need a device with high power will probably opt for a hedge trimmer with a gasoline engine.

Still others need a cordless telescopic hedge trimmer or a professional cordless hedge trimmer. In the trade, there are several thousand variants.

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Especially in the category of cordless devices for the garden, the choice is large. In addition to the shears, these include cordless leaf blowers or a cordless chainsaw.

For example, if you own a battery telescopic hedge trimmer or a normal battery hedge trimmer and you already have other devices with batteries from the same manufacturer, you can use them together and exchange them among the devices. This saves money.

Arguments against the purchase

A good hedge trimmer, even a cordless hedge trimmer, is not cheap. The relatively high purchase price is offset by low usage.

In gardens with few and small hedges, hedge trimmers are needed maybe 1-2 days per year, at most every 6 months. The rest of the time, the tool is just lying around taking up space in the tool shed or garage.

Plus, you have to worry about repairs and replacement parts. Even if the unit is still under warranty, it is usually only valid in case of manufacturing defects or transport damage upon delivery.

Hedge trimmer for rent

You can find a hedge trimmer for rent in most hardware stores. If there is no hardware store near you, you can also rent the equipment online, for example a hedge trimmer from Stihl.

Arguments for renting

If you need a hedge trimmer for cutting hedges in the garden only for 1-2 days a year, it is much cheaper to rent a cordless hedge trimmer or a cordless pole hedge trimmer. Many hardware stores offer the possibility to rent such a device even only by the hour.

You only borrow the device when you really need it. This saves money and space.

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If something breaks during professional use, you don’t have to worry about it. Insurance is included in the rental fee.

Arguments against renting

Renting a hedge trimmer is inconvenient. You have to drive to the hardware store to pick it up and then haul it back, or wait a few days for it to be available online.

Because the weather in this country is often fickle, you may miss a good hedge trimming opportunity. If you need a hedge trimmer more often, renting is also more expensive than buying.

So which option is better?

The answer varies from case to case. Sometimes it is better to buy a hedge trimmer, sometimes it is better to rent a hedge trimmer hedge trimmer.

If you have a large garden with many hedges, buying is probably the better solution. You will need the tool all the time. In the long run, renting would be too inconvenient and too expensive.

However, if you want to do a radical pruning or only need to trim a small hedge from time to time, it is cheaper to rent a hedge trimmer chainsaw.


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