The Safe Use Of Gasoline Hedge Trimmers

A shapely hedge is not only a handsome garden fence replacement, they can be transformed into living monuments with a little craftsmanship and artistic design sense. Whether it’s classic hedge trimming or object art, you’ll need the right tools for the job and should follow a few safety rules.

Storage and preparation

If your hedge trimmer is out of service, make sure the blade guard is properly installed for both storage and transport. Store the shears out of the reach of children. But don’t hang or place it too high; you should be able to reach the hedge trimmer easily at all times without relying on a chair or ladder.

Before cutting, make sure there are no obstacles or trip hazards in the work area. And while it may be hard to turn away admirers of your work: In advance of your hedge trimming, make sure that no children are around during the activity and that helping people are not in the cutting area of the hedge trimmer.

The Safe Use Of Gasoline Hedge Trimmers

Protective measures when cutting hedges

Always make sure to keep clothing and fingers away from the blade. While cutting, wear sturdy shoes, cut-resistant gloves if possible, safety glasses or a visor, and a helmet to protect against flying wood splinters. You should put on hearing protection to protect your ears. Ideally, you should own a forestry helmet, as this is the best way to protect your head, ears and face.

Although the gaps between the blades of the sword are sized to cut anything that gets in there, use caution when encountering thicker material. Use loppers or saws here. Be very careful when cutting near metal fences. Contact with the mesh or metal bars could cause the unit to jam, be torn from your hand, and cause damage to the blades or people.

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If a break is taken during work, do not put the hedge trimmer down with the engine running. Turn the unit off and make sure the blades stop, they may continue to run for a moment.

Remember that you are using a fuel-powered tool, also use caution when handling the fuel in the hedge trimmer and in a spare canister that is ready – you know the easy flammability of gasoline.

The Safe Use Of Gasoline Hedge Trimmers

The correct protective measures at greater heights

When working with a motorized hedge trimmer, generally avoid working overhead! Never use chairs or similar unsafe aids to cut your hedge at greater heights. Ladders are also not recommended tools in this case. Since a stable and stable scaffold for cutting a long and high hedge is usually not available or practical to use, a special hedge trimmer is recommended for working on high hedges. With a hedge trimmer, you can get to almost any height by adjusting the telescopic arm to the desired cutting height. By folding the blade, you can even cut the top of a hedge that needs to be cut in a cuboid shape from the ground.

In addition, by simply changing the orientation of the blade and the way it is guided by the user, the hedge trimmer can be used as a ground cover shear – the complete opposite of working at height. Thanks to the counter-rotating blades, there is no risk of stone throwing in this case.


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