What To Consider When Cutting A Hedge

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As soon as the first shoots sprout in spring, hobby gardeners would like to immediately reach for the hedge trimmer to cut their hedge and bring it into shape. But when cutting hedges, there are some specifics to keep in mind, because at certain times it is not allowed to cut at all. Tips and tricks for proper hedge trimming.

Hecke schneiden - wann, wie oft und wie?

Penalty for incorrect hedge trimming?

No radical pruning is allowed during the breeding season of native birds. This regulation on hedge cutting is laid down in the Swiss Nature and Cultural Heritage Protection Act (NHG). In plain language, it means that you are not allowed to cut a hedge between March 01 and September 30.

What To Consider When Cutting A Hedge

However, this only applies to radical pruning. Amateur gardeners do not have to fear any penalty if they use manual shears when cutting boxwood, only carry out a gentle cut and make sure beforehand that no birds are breeding in this section. Many allotment associations specify in their own bylaws the times at which it is desirable to cut boxwood.

Trimming a hedge: Quick tips for pruning

Once a year hedge trimming is sufficient
For hedge trimming with electric hedge trimmer autumn is the best time
If you want to cut your boxwood twice, it is best to choose the months of February and September for this purpose
Radical rejuvenation pruning should only be done every two to three years
Thinning out and cutting off water sprouts is possible at any time
Bird protection: if there is a nest in the hedge, postpone the cut

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Which hedge is best to cut in spring or fall

Some hedges, such as privet, boxwood, or hornbeam, are cut just before bud break. For flower-forming hedges, such as ornamental cherry, pruning is done after flowering to avoid damaging previous year’s flowering plants. Autumn pruning is recommended here. In general, when cutting hedges early, the weather should also be taken into account. For hedge trimming choose sunny, frost-free days.


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