How To Successfully Get Oregano Ready For Winter

Oregano is a truer survivor and adapts well to both extreme heat and cold in its natural habitat. However, it depends on the variety how hardy the herb is. For this reason, adequate winter protection is required.

Oregano überwintern

Cover young plants early

Oregano planted in the current year is often not yet sufficiently hardened to survive frosts without damage. It is therefore advisable to give plants that are actually hardy appropriate protection as soon as the first night frosts set in.

  • Cut the oregano in the fall about a hand’s width above the ground.
  • Pile the herbs at the base with two shovels of garden soil, which you can add humus.

Since the plant dries up in the frozen soil when exposed to wind and sunlight, it is also important to provide shade. This also protects the plants from our latitudes frequent interplay of warm daytime temperatures and frost at night.

  • Cover the above-ground part of the oregano with spruce branches or leaves.
  • Alternatively, you can cover the culinary herb with a suitable plant fleece.

Oregano winter ready in the pot.

  • Leave outdoors only planters that are declared by the manufacturer as frost-resistant.
  • Move the pots to a wind-protected and bright corner of the outdoor seating area.
  • Wrap both the flower pot and the herb with garden fleece or bubble wrap.
  • If using foil, leave a chimney to allow moisture in the air to evaporate.
  • Since oregano should be watered somewhat on mild winter days, provide adequate water drainage.
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Oregano indoors

In very harsh locations, you can take the herb out of the herb garden, pot it up and overwinter it in a bright, frost-free room. The same applies to oregano perennials that you have cultivated on the balcony or terrace during the summer.

Tips & Tricks
We do not recommend overwintering at room temperature, because only if the plant’s metabolism is slowed down can oregano survive until spring.


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