How To Propagate Chicory With Seeds – Tips For Harvesting And Sowing.

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Since chicory thrives as a biennial plant, classic propagation methods are not available, such as division or cuttings. This popular ornamental and useful plant makes up for this shortcoming by gifting us with numerous seeds. How to harvest and sow the seeds, find out here.

Seed harvesting- This is how it works

At the end of the flowering period, the pretty blue flowers turn into 2-3 mm small seed stalks. If these have turned brown and dried, they are harvested in time before the mother plant distributes the seeds in the garden. The seeds are located in the base of the flower.

How To Propagate Chicory With Seeds - Tips For Harvesting And Sowing.

To get to the seeds, pluck off the dried parts of the flower. Under them appears honeycomb structure, which is composed of the seeds. If this structure is rubbed between your fingers, you will hold tiny, slightly angular seeds. Until next May, store the seeds in a dry, dark and airtight place.

Chicory direct sowing into the bed – How to do it right.

In mid-May begins the best time for sowing seeds of chicory. To do this, prepare a fine crumbly seed area in a sunny, warm location. This is how you spread the seeds professionally:

At a distance of 30-40 cm, make 3 cm deep furrows with a stick.
Scatter the seeds, close the furrows and water with a fine spray.
Protect the bed from birds and snails with a close-meshed net.
From a growth height of 5-6 cm, the seedlings are separated to a distance of 10 cm. Subsequently, keep the soil constantly slightly moist and daily pluck out the weeds. In the year of sowing, the chicory develops only a rosette of leaves. The following year, the longed-for inflorescence rises from June to October.

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