When Is The Best Time To Plant Lavender?

Sun-loving lavender originates from the Mediterranean region and is therefore – with the exception of the true lavender – not winter-hardy. Especially seedlings and young plants are very sensitive to cold. In order for the semi-shrub to also thrive magnificently in your garden (or in a pot) and bloom lushly, it needs not only the right location and optimal care, but also warmth. So to successfully grow lavender, it depends on the best possible time to plant.

Wann Lavendel pflanzen

Do not plant lavender too early

You should plant lavender outdoors only when frosty periods are no longer expected. This is usually the case from mid-May – that is, after the Ice Saints. After that, you can still plant the plants in the garden until about the beginning of August, later it is better to refrain from planting. Lavender planted too late will not have enough time to develop strong roots and thus prepare for winter.

Pot planting possible almost at any time

Unlike garden lavender, potted lavender can be planted at any time during the growing season between March and September – provided the plant is in a sheltered location. During the cold season, lavender should be overwintered as cool as possible – but frost-free – and the plant will largely cease growth activities. Therefore, during this period, planting or transplanting is not very useful, because the roots also can not grow. Indoor lavender should also be planted in the spring at best.

Preplanting lavender
Lavender can be grown from seed on a windowsill or in a greenhouse from February / March under sufficient light conditions – the plant is a light germinator. Early preplanting ensures that the lavender will bloom in the same year. Also, the pre-cultivated plants can be put in the bed only from mid / late May, better still in June.

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Tips: Young lavender plants are quite sensitive to cold and other unfavorable growing conditions. Older plants tolerate short periods of cold better, especially if they are well rooted.


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