Is My Cherry Laurel Hedge Sick?

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The different varieties of cherry laurel are particularly popular hedge plants among garden owners. With a cherry laurel hedge as an evergreen border around your garden, you can create a wonderful atmosphere in your garden. With a cherry laurel hedge, you will also have a wonderful garden border all year round, but it will also attract many birds and butterflies to your garden. In general, cherry laurel is a strong and healthy hedge plant. Nevertheless, of course, it can happen that your cherry laurel hedge gets sick. What diseases is the cherry laurel sensitive to? Is my cherry laurel hedge diseased? And if so, what can I do about it?

Is My Cherry Laurel Hedge Sick?
So, in general, the cherry laurel is a strong and particularly vital plant, as we said at the beginning of this article.

Is the cherry laurel sensitive when it comes to diseases?

So, in general, the cherry laurel is a strong and particularly vital plant, as we said at the beginning of this article. Nevertheless, there are also some diseases and pests to which the cherry laurel is sensitive. However, such diseases can be partially avoided if you always take good care of the cherry laurel hedge. Therefore, follow the tips for fertilizing your cherry laurel hedge and use the appropriate fertilizer. Also, prune the cherry laurel only when it is really necessary and do not cut it outside the pruning season. In addition, the cherry laurel is an evergreen hedge plant that is quite undemanding in terms of care. So, locations in the sun, shade and partial shade are well suited for this shrub. In addition, the cherry laurel is also well suited for almost any garden soil, but you should avoid waterlogging.

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Is My Cherry Laurel Hedge Sick?

Do you want to plant a cherry laurel hedge? Then make sure that you buy hedge plants that are in excellent condition. Therefore, our cherry laurel varieties come only from the very best nurseries in Europe, such as cherry laurel ‘Etna’. We also know all our plant breeders personally: these are real professionals who already have years of experience when it comes to different cherry laurel varieties. With a lot of love and patience, our experts grow young hedge plants until they finally grow into vigorous shrubs, which are then also particularly robust. In any case, when buying cherry laurel plants, make sure that you place an order online only with a specialist you trust. Are you buying the hedge plants from an address that may not be entirely trustworthy? Then it may well happen that your cherry laurel plants will be of inferior quality. Inferior plants are then also immediately much more sensitive when it comes to diseases. If the cherry laurel should be offered at a very special price, much cheaper than most other websites, then you should be especially careful.

Is My Cherry Laurel Hedge Sick?
Get with downy mildew, brown spot disease, shotgun blight or various viral diseases.

What diseases can my cherry laurel hedge face?

Your cherry laurel hedge can face various diseases and pest infestations. Some pests that can be found in cherry laurel hedges more often than not are snails or even different varieties when it comes to fleas, aphids, mites, yew beetles and leaf miners. When it comes to diseases, cherry laurel can have problems with downy mildew, brown spot disease, shotgun disease or various viral diseases. However, pests can generally be controlled well with pesticides, which are available in garden centers. But first read the instructions for use well, because if you want to achieve the best results, then you should follow the instructions for use very carefully. If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service.

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However, the diseases are a little more difficult to treat, but the shotgun disease is well treatable: this is in fact a harmless mold disease, which in most cases can be eliminated with a good control plan. Also, when it comes to other diseases, you can get the respective control agents in almost any garden center. However, the problem is that these means are not always sufficient: in fact, in some situations, the cherry laurel is already so attacked that the damage is immense. Then it is better to replace the attacked parts of your cherry laurel hedge with prefabricated hedge elements. These hedge parts consist of mature plants that have already reached the appropriate height.

Is My Cherry Laurel Hedge Sick?
These are then clear signals that they are pests.

How do I find out if my cherry laurel hedge is diseased?

If your cherry laurel hedge is diseased, then you can usually see it in the leaves or branches of the cherry laurel. Also when it comes to pests, then you can notice clear signals. Look for the following signals: young leaves have a dull appearance, white webs inside the cherry laurel bushes, brown cross lines on the branches, trunk or leaves, which also curl up or turn brown. These are then clear signals that they are pests. In some cases, you can also recognize a pest infestation by the fact that the leaves are severely chewed. However, if it is mold diseases, then we often see that the cherry laurel leaves get pale discoloration. As a result, these leaves also quickly turn brown and unsightly.

Is My Cherry Laurel Hedge Sick?
First, you can try to fight the pests or diseases in your cherry laurel hedge.

Treat diseases or replace hedge?

First, you can try to fight the pests or diseases in your cherry laurel hedge. In garden centers or even in online web stores, you can get various control products when it comes to pests or mold diseases. In the case of mold diseases, sometimes an anti-mold paste can also provide relief. This paste is offered by various suppliers in specialized stores. Meanwhile, always trim the cherry laurel hedge well and regularly. Then, always use clean pruning tools as well. Clean the garden tools thoroughly after each pruning, so that there is no new risk of infection. However, also take into account that the control of a disease does not always end successfully. In some cases, your cherry laurel hedge is so severely attacked that the hedge plant is no longer able to recover. Then it is recommended to (partially) replace the hedge.

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You can remove the attacked hedge parts and then replace them again with prefabricated hedge elements.

Prefabricated hedges offer a quick and easy solution if you want to replace some hedge parts, or if you want to quickly plant new cherry laurel hedges. However, in some cases it is necessary to replace the whole hedge. Even then, prefabricated hedges are ideal. It is then quite important to select high quality cherry laurel plants, so that the chance of new cherry laurel diseases is as low as possible.

Our cherry laurel plants are completely free of disease and therefore perfectly healthy when they leave our nurseries. In this way, the risk in terms of new contagions remains as small as possible!


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