Lawn: 5 Natural Tips To Have A Top Lawn!

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When we talk about gardening, we always focus on the different shrubs and flowers that can be planted. We also like to talk about the vegetable garden. Nevertheless, we talk very little about the lawn, which is nevertheless very important. Indeed, what is the point of having beautiful colored flowers if it is to have a green space marred by a yellowish sparse lawn? Stunted or poorly maintained, it can totally spoil the exterior appearance of a garden. Fortunately, it’s easy to achieve a beautiful, green lawn, a la Bree Van De Kamp in Desperate Housewives. With a few simple steps and a few natural secret weapons, you’ll be on top of your game!

1) Mowing is an important part of having a nice lawn

tondeuse tondre pelouse gazon

Lawn: 5 Natural Tips To Have A Top Lawn!

It is best to remember to do it very regularly during the active growth period. In general, this maintenance will go from February or March to October or even November. To do this, always use a mower with a sharp blade. If the blade is blunt, it may tear off the blades of grass and cause yellowing by damaging them.

Also, never mow on a surface that is wet with morning dew or rain from the previous days. Although it is tempting to take advantage of the return of the sun, working on wet grass will only result in a damaged and unevenly cut lawn. Also, we recommend that you don’t cut the grass too short so that unwanted seeds can’t grow with access to the sun. A medium mowing will do just fine. Finally, don’t mow the same path or direction every time. Varying the mowing pattern will result in more attractive growth!

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Extra tip: Trimming around trees without damaging them is complicated by the fact that the growth is not perfect in this area and that the sinuous or imperfect aspect of the soil due to the roots makes the task very difficult. So consider mulching the base of the trees so you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

2) The question of fertilization

Lawn: 5 Natural Tips To Have A Top Lawn!

Fertilization is important for a good growth and to avoid the appearance of moss. To do this, there are of course organic fertilizers based on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Generally, it is applied in two stages. First, it is done in February in warm regions and March in cold regions to give it that shimmering green side. Then we repeat in autumn (between mid-September and mid-October) for a good growth and fortification of the stems and roots of the lawn. However, you can also rely on more economical solutions such as compost or coffee grounds that the lawn and garden love. All of these solutions can be combined with grasscycling. This non-collecting of grass clippings will leave organic matter behind, which will nourish the soil!

3) The solution for a green lawn

poudre de nettoyage bicarbonate blanc de Meudon

If your lawn isn’t as green as you’d like, here’s a simple method that changes everything! Start by buying some blanc de Meudon in a DIY store. This excellent cleaning product is rich in calcium, a quality that your lawn will greatly appreciate. Then, once you have some, you just have to spread it all over your green space. Here, count about 100 g of powder per square meter. Then repeat every year to keep your greenery healthy.

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4) Banish its #1 enemy forever: moss!

Lawn: 5 Natural Tips To Have A Top Lawn!

We talked about it earlier: moss does not like well-fed soil, which is why it is important to use a good fertilizer on your lawn. However, this is not always enough to eradicate it and chemical moss killers with an iron base acidify the soil and promote a rebound effect. It also likes soils that are mowed too often, that are not well aerated and that do not get enough sunlight. So, think about all these parameters when seeding and maintaining your lawn. Also, reseed grass in sparse areas, as any available space is an invitation for moss to grow. Aerate and drain heavy soils well. Here, the addition of sand would be a plus as well as a good scarification to eliminate superficial rhizomes. If nothing helps, spread wood ash for several days on the moss and then rake. It’s unstoppable!

5) Eliminate other enemies of a beautiful lawn

Hand-pulling is often the best way to get rid of the unwanted. Also, we have given you many ideas for fighting weeds on this site. However, there are some more specific solutions that may help you with your lawn.

For example, putting curd at the base of even very large unwanted plants will get rid of them.
Also, consider sprinkling coarse salt around thistle stems to combat them. Salted cooking water collected in the kitchen will also help control weeds. The salt burns the roots like no other!
Finally, consider weed repellent plants. India roses and marigolds are merciless with weeds, especially poison ivy. Buckwheat roots alone will prevent weed seeds from germinating.

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