No Big Garden? Here Are 4 Fruits Compatible With A Balcony

When you see beautiful, spacious gardens full of flowers and good fruit, you can be jealous. But if you have a terrace or a balcony, you are also lucky. Indeed, not everyone has such an outdoor space and even if it’s small, you can put some plants, herbs and especially fruit trees if you have a little light! How about it ??? Here are 4 fruit trees that will be compatible with your balcony or terrace.

1) We opt for red fruits on our balcony

fraises fruits jardinière balcon

If you opt for varieties that are remontant and used to the pot, having strawberries and raspberries is not science fiction at all!

As for strawberries, we’ll go for the wild mara or the famous gariguette, which won’t provide enough food for the whole building, but just enough for your family to enjoy. A 10-liter pot will suffice for one plant of strawberries.
Raspberries are not fragile little things. They cope with different climates and pot growth valiantly. However, they need to be watered frequently (once a week), or even more if the climate is dry. You can plant them in autumn in a 30 cm deep pot with a diameter of 25 cm.

2) Focus on citrus

No Big Garden? Here Are 4 Fruits Compatible With A Balcony

Lemon and tangerine trees are increasingly seen indoors. On the balcony, they need to be protected from the wind and provided with a sunny spot and a good-sized terracotta pot. The plant needs to be watered regularly to never be dry. However, stagnant water should be avoided.

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When the cold seasons arrive, we pay attention to the frost which is harmful for the plants and we take care that it remains at an ideal temperature (between 8 °C and 12 °C).

3) Don’t forget the fruit trees… but in mini version to grow good fruits on your balcony!

No Big Garden? Here Are 4 Fruits Compatible With A Balcony

With these mini trees, plums, apples and pears are within reach. However, you will need large pots or wooden planters (60 x 60 cm). If the space in your balcony allows it, think of putting two different feet of apples side by side of varieties gala, fuji or honeycrisp, because they politicize each other. As for pears, beware of frosts (especially late) and remember to cover the branches well.

4) And finally the cherry tomato: a lot of concentrated taste in a small format!

No Big Garden? Here Are 4 Fruits Compatible With A Balcony

It’s not easy to combine a sunny vegetable with a balcony, but cherry tomatoes are a pleasant solution with the possibility of growing them in pots. This will require special care when preparing the soil. For a perfect and abundant growth, we fill the pot with ¾ of special vegetable garden soil to which we add ¼ of river sand and finish with a touch of compost. You need fresh, watered soil, but never drowned. Consider using a stake as the plant grows.


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