Oregano Propagation: How To Succeed In Breeding

Oregano can be easily propagated by cuttings, seeds or division. Suitable for propagation are healthy and vigorously growing perennials that reliably pass on their good hereditary traits to the new plantlets.

Oregano Vermehrung

Propagation by seedlings
For this very uncomplicated propagation you only need:

  • Small planters or alternatively yogurt cups with a hole in the bottom.
  • Growing or coconut fiber soil
  • A sharp cutting tool

Separate a branch from the plant and carefully remove all the leaves of the branch to the third or fourth eye from the top. Slightly shorten the shoot and put it in the container filled with soil. After about a week, the small cutting will begin to sprout its first roots. You can transplant the oregano outdoors after a few weeks when it has developed vigorously. Alternatively, you can continue to cultivate the seedling in a larger planter on the balcony or terrace.

Grow oregano from seed

Oregano forms numerous, about one millimeter large nutlets in the flower buds that have blossomed off. From these seeds you can grow yourself a lot of offspring in a very short time.

Fill a planting container with growing soil and scatter the seeds loosely. Since oregano is a light germinator, do not cover them with soil. Moisten the seeds with a sprayer and keep them evenly moist for the next few days.

Put a freezer bag over the growing container to create a warm, humid greenhouse climate. Do not forget to ventilate once a day to prevent mold growth. In a bright place without direct sunlight, the plantlets will germinate after about a week. Once they have reached a size of ten centimeters, you can separate them.

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Propagation by division
This form of propagation succeeds very easily. By dividing, you not only get several oregano shrubs, the plant is additionally rejuvenated and thus sprouts more vigorously. The right time for dividing the clumps is early spring. Proceed as follows:

  • Carefully dig up the perennial.
  • Divide from top to bottom with a digging fork.
  • Shorten roots a little.
  • Re-bury divided perennials with sufficient planting distance.
  • Water well.

Wait about a quarter of a year to harvest the first leaves from divided oregano. Plucking off the leaflets early will unnecessarily weaken the plant and produce fewer leaves and essential oils as a result.


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