Outdoor Fire Pits Guide!

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I have a soft spot for outdoor fireplaces. They enhance our evenings spent outside by providing a nice flame and a soft warmth. And as the season progresses, they become more useful! In this month of August, the temperature drops rapidly after sunset. I have my little fireplace at home, I found it at a garage sale. So cute, I brought it home. But I rarely use it, because it is so small that I can hardly get my logs to burn. Also, the flame, when I light it with newspaper, goes up very high through the little chimney and the trees above, are likely to flare up too. Hm… Not very safe, you might say!

Regulations and safety

Outdoor Fire Pits Guide!

Before purchasing an outdoor fireplace, you should also be aware of municipal by-laws and safety standards. In the city of Montreal as well as in Outremont and Beaconsfield, all wood-burning fireplaces are completely banned. In the municipalities where they are tolerated, you must comply with the regulations in effect and some cities require that you apply for a permit before using them.

It is also important to know that burning wood can be considered a pollutant. Indeed, the small particles emanating from it can contribute to air pollution, unless you use ecological logs.

Finally, before you buy one, you must take steps with your municipality and make sure that you comply with the regulations in effect.

Natural gas or propane fireplaces

The main feature of outdoor gas fireplaces is that they do not require a chimney. However, the installation must comply with the manufacturer’s standards and respect the space of non-combustible zones. The finish around the fireplace can be varied. The reflection of the flame is particularly strong in a fireplace made of stainless steel. The bed can be made of cement stones, specially designed to resist water, or of crushed tempered glass crystals or even of traditional-looking artificial logs.

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Round Gas Fireplace

Similar to a campfire, this small fireplace can be installed on a patio. The propane tank is hidden under a table or other surface.

Linear Gas Fireplace

Usually installed on a patio, such as a coffee table, in the center of a recreation area. It has a stainless steel cover and is decorated with a bed of glass crystals available in six different colors. The crystals can also be replaced by river stones.

Ethanol fireplaces

Very trendy, the ethanol fireplace consumes bio and rejects nothing, except a tiny amount of C02. Many are those who trade their traditional fireplaces for this new option. Ethanol is an ethyl alcohol, whose origin is completely vegetable, and which is mainly extracted from cereals, like wheat and corn. Ethanol is completely odorless and when it ignites, it produces blue flames that gradually give way to yellow colors. There is a wide range of models made for outdoor use.


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