Planting Canna: What Must Be Considered?

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Canna, also known as the flower cane, is one of the most popular tropical ornamental plants in this country. It can thrive not only on the balcony. It also feels at home in the garden. But what needs to be considered when planting this ornamental plant from South America, which grows up to 1.50 m high?

Canna pflanzen

What are the site requirements Canna?

Planting Canna: What Must Be Considered?

This tropical plant requires a bright and warm location. It prefers to grow in full sun. A half-shady location forms its tolerance range. Furthermore, Canna is happy with a wind-protected location .

The requirements of canna to the substrate are usually easy to meet. In the best case, the soil in which Canna is planted , kept fresh to moist and has the following characteristics:

  • pH between 6 and 7
  • high nutrient and humus content
  • good drainage
  • slightly
  • sandy-loamy

Does Canna need to be pre-driven?

You do not have to preplant canna at home. However, if you want to admire the beautiful flowers for a long period of time in spring, it is advisable to pre-drive the rhizomes of canna from January or February.

Choose a bright and warm place for forcing the flower cane, for example, near the heating. The rhizomes are inserted deep into the soil and after 10-12 days the shoots appear.

How to propagate the plant?
The best way to propagate canna is by dividing its rhizomes or rhizome. Less common is the sowing of this tropical plant. If you choose to sow it, start between February and early March.

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Here’s how the sowing goes step by step:

  1. carefully grind hard-shelled seed
  2. Place seeds in lukewarm water for 12 to 24 hrs.
  3. Sow seeds 2 cm deep in soil
  4. Germination temperature: 20 to 25 °C
  5. Germination time: 1 week

In the tub or outdoors?

You can plant canna in the tub and put it on the balcony or terrace. It is also possible to plant the plant outdoors, for example in the garden bed.

But beware: canna does not tolerate frost. Therefore, you should wait with the planting out, until the Ice Saints have passed in May. If the plant is to survive the winter, it should be cared for and overwintered accordingly.

Tips & Tricks
Canna’s rhizome may seem small, but the plant can grow large. Many varieties grow up to 1 m wide. Therefore, make sure to keep a proper distance from plants in the neighborhood.


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