Where Is The Best Place To Plant A Hollyhock?

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Hollyhocks seduce with their characteristic look over the summer. To enjoy abundant flowering, you need to optimally arrange the location for the ornamental plant.

Hollyhocks: outdoor location

Hollyhocks are one of the most popular ornamental plants in domestic gardens, which, thanks to the appropriate location, displays a real splendor of flowers. An important factor when choosing a location for hollyhocks is, first of all, space, because they do not like to stand too close. For this reason, ideally, a planting distance of at least 40 centimeters should be maintained. Over this, the Hollyhocks have enough space to grow and develop their root system. Planting distance is not the only thing that should be considered when choosing a location. The following characteristics should have the place in the garden:

  • Light requirement: full sun
  • sheltered from wind
  • warm
  • southern orientation preferred

Where Is The Best Place To Plant A Hollyhock?

As far as possible, refrain from placing them in shady or semi-shady corners, as the garden rose should not stay in the dark for too long. It is advisable to place hollyhocks in front of walls, house walls, tool sheds or something similar, so that they are permanently protected from too strong winds. Hedges are also suitable for this purpose. To ensure the stability of the plants, you can use a bamboo stick as a climbing aid for the young Hollyhocks .

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Location in the tub

Tub specimens rely on similar site characteristics as outdoor stock roses. Despite the rapid loss of water in flower pots, you need to place the plant in direct sunlight. The place should also be protected from the wind, which is especially recommended balconies or terraces, if they are not oriented to the weather side.

Where Is The Best Place To Plant A Hollyhock?

Frequently asked questions

What should be the soil?

If the plants are planted outdoors, you must first of all rely on a nutrient-rich soil. In addition, it must be permeable, so that dangerous waterlogging does not form. Therefore, when planting, it is recommended to incorporate mature compost to improve the soil structure. A layer of mulch can also not hurt for the plants, as the site should be sufficiently moist.

What substrate is suitable for hollyhocks in a container?

Potted alcea depend on a permeable and nutrient-rich substrate that has a humus content. It should be loose and equipped with drainage, if necessary, to facilitate the drainage of excessive moisture. High-quality substrates for flowers or container plants are suitable, which can also be equipped with a layer of mulch.

Is it necessary to change the location of specimens planted too closely?

Yes, Hollyhock need sufficient space to develop in a relaxed manner. If the planting distance has not been maintained, you can simply replant the specimens in question, as they are not plants that are true to their location. If the planting distance is not observed, the foliage dries poorly in humid weather. A change of location will protect against this.

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