Propagate Violets: Targeted Or Left To Mother Nature

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Violets – who does not fall in love with them when they discover them in the spring with their delicate, violet-blue and deliciously fragrant flowers? The fact that these plants are easy to propagate, few people know. They even like to tackle the propagation itself…

Viola vermehren

Violets propagate by self-seeding and runners.
These perennials can easily spread on their own over the years and colonize entire areas if they feel comfortable. Violets form long above-ground runners. However, these do not flower in the first year.

Propagate Violets: Targeted Or Left To Mother Nature

In addition, ants are helpful in reproduction. They carry around the ripe fruiting bodies, feed on them and leave the seeds. Soon the seeds germinate and new violets are the result.

Taking sowing into your own hands
If you can’t quite trust self-seeding and runners, you can take propagation into your own hands. How about sowing the seeds? You can harvest the seeds of violets yourself in March or buy them in stores.

Seeds are cold germinators and light germinators
before sowing your own seeds, stratification is necessary (e.g. in the refrigerator)
Sowing time: August to March
Sowing place: outdoors or in the seed tray
press the seeds or cover them with a very thin layer of soil
as soon as the seeds have germinated: place in a warm place
Advantages of sowing: violets are more vigorous and hardy than by other propagation methods

Divide violets in spring or autumn
An easier method of propagation is dividing viola. Division should be carried out in the spring after flowering or in the fall. To do this, dig up the root ball of the violets. The next step is to divide the roots in the middle, for example, with a knife or scissors.

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The obtained daughter plants are planted in another place. When planting, keep a distance of 20 cm between each specimen. The ideal location is semi-shaded and humid. The soil should be enriched with a little compost right at planting. This will accelerate the growth.

Tips & Tricks
Once violets are established in the location, they quickly run wild. They even like to take over lawns if they are in partial shade.


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