How To Use Cola In The Garden Against Weeds And Pests

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Cola tastes particularly good to amateur gardeners. The reason for this is its versatile applications in the garden.

Cola is not only regarded as a refreshing drink for a good time under the parasol, but also as a real miracle product in the garden. The areas of application are versatile. However, there are also things to consider.

  • Name Coca-Cola
  • Invented in 1886 by pharmacist John Stith Pemberton
  • Shelf life Approx. eight months

How To Use Cola In The Garden Against Weeds And Pests

Cola as a miracle cure in the garden: destroying weeds and moss with the remedy
Weeds grow on beds, in joints and meadows. Manual removal takes a lot of time and physical strength. With some home remedies it is much easier. Cola is also suitable, but not always and not on all surfaces. For the destruction of weeds in beds cola is not suitable according to garden journal rather. The acid contained can attack also useful plants.

With moss against it Cola works true miracles. The reason is the phosphoric acid contained in the soft drink. It counteracts the formation of moss. Since the soft drink is sticky, it is not recommended to use cola on large areas. Wasps or other animals may be attracted to it. Cola is therefore best used on inaccessible surfaces, such as joints. To do this, simply apply the cola undiluted, wait a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water.

However, care should be taken when using cola. The agent acts like a chemical and can therefore damage plants and organisms. Cola should therefore be used with caution in the garden. In the house, on the other hand, cola can be used very well for cleaning.

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Cola – using a soft drink to combat pests in the garden

However, the property of cola to harm organisms also helps in pest control. For example, slugs can be easily combated with cola. To do this, simply place a small bowl with the agent at the bed. The animals are attracted by the trap and die in the acid.

Ants can be fought in the same way. Aphids also do not like cola. To combat them, cola can be used in a spray bottle. The sugar destroys the aphids (more garden news at RUHR24).

Cola as a cleaning agent in the garden – help with rust.

Cola is not only useful for cleaning in the house. Also in the garden things shine through cola in new splendor. According to rust can be removed for example at spades very well with Cola. Also here the phosphoric acid is the reason. Applied it is similar to the moss. After applying and waiting, it is necessary to wash off the cola thoroughly and dry the object.

Cola as a medicine – How the soft drink came about

As early as 1886, a pharmacist is said to have invented Coca-Cola. Initially touted as a medicine, the addition of cocaine was banned by the early 20th century. The product slowly developed into a general refreshment drink.

Today, the drink made from the kola nut is no longer considered healthy. The culprits are acid and sugar, which can damage bones and teeth, as well as lead to obesity, with increased consumption.

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