Watering: 3 Amazing Tips For Beautiful Plants

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:49 pm

Although back-to-school is fast approaching, we shouldn’t put the garden on the back burner, as it still requires a lot of care to get it ready for fall and winter. If you think you know all the gardening tricks to have beautiful indoor and outdoor plants, you may be surprised by the ones we suggest below that take advantage of the watering ritual! They are indeed very unusual, but also devilishly effective. No doubt they will add to the myriad of techniques you already know.

1) Make the most of your cooking water

Do you get a twinge of guilt every time you throw your cooking water down the sink? We understand! Plus, all those liters of water can easily be reused in the garden. Save the pasta water or the cooking water with salt to make a devilishly effective weed killer (not to be poured on the plants you want to preserve). This will do a great job of chasing away small mosses that have accumulated here and there, as well as weeds. Once cooled, the water from the vegetables or hard-boiled eggs will be an excellent natural fertilizer for the plants as long as you have not added any other ingredients such as salt.

2) Mix tea and aspirin

Watering: 3 Amazing Tips For Beautiful Plants

The type of tea (black, green or flavored) is not important here. What matters is the nutrient intake of this drink that promotes the growth of greenery. It provides plants with nitrogen, potash, manganese and phosphoric acid. If you combine it with the salicylic acid of aspirin to strengthen the defense mechanisms of plants, you will have a wonderful duo to feed your plants. All you have to do is water your plants once a month with a bowl of tea and a tablet of aspirin.

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3) Use red wine elsewhere than at the table

Would your little glass of organic Bordeaux wine be excellent for something other than accompanying your dishes? It seems like a great way to keep your leaves green and your plants invigorated! Add a glass of wine to the water in the bucket or watering can and simply water.


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