Desert Rose: Proper Wintering Is Not Difficult!

As a former inhabitant of steppes and desert areas of Africa, the desert rose is not adapted to winters here. Even if the temperatures fall below 10 °C, this can have nasty consequences. Therefore, overwintering is the order of the day!

Wüstenrose im Winter

The wintering quarters: moderately warm and dry.
For wintering of the desert rose is ideal semi-shaded room. Living rooms are completely unsuitable, as it is too warm there. Cool bedrooms are better suited. The temperature should be between 10 and 16 °C and never fall below 10 °C!

Handling in winter: The right care
Do not be surprised if the desert rose gradually loses its leaves. This is completely normal in winter. In view of this, you should pay attention to the following care:

do not fertilize
water little
do not cut
regularly inspect for pests (especially scale insects)


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