Top 10 Most Fragrant Rose Varieties

1 – Rose ‘Rosa Gallica Officinalis

Rose gallica splendens

Among the Gallic roses, Rosa gallica ‘officinalis’, formerly cultivated in Provins for its exceptional perfume, has the power to keep a fragrance even when dried. It is the quintessence of this note that some people also call potpourri scent.
Even if gallicas only bloom once, the beauty of the nuanced colors of their flowers associated with their perfume, a real pleasure for the senses and a memory of olfactory memories related to childhood, make them a must in June.

2 – Rose ‘Quatre Saison Damas

Rose 'Quatre Saison Damas'

Amongst the Damask roses, which are ancient roses descended from the roses brought back from the Holy Land by the Crusaders, the ‘Four Season Damask’ rose, with double flowers (more than 10 petals) of a soft pink color, exhales an extraordinary perfume, qualified as a floral note. It blooms in bouquets and offers us the happiness of blooming again throughout the season.

3 – ‘Semi-plena’ Rose

Rose Gallica Splendens rose

Among the Albas, a very old family that goes back to antiquity, ‘Semi-plena’ is as precious for its perfume as for its elegant simplicity. Its bouquets of almost simple white flowers are illuminated by golden stamens. It has the power to bloom in mid-shade: it is therefore very useful in a garden, especially since its rose hips (the berries that follow the flowers) blaze in autumn.

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4 – Rose ‘Rosa x centifolia

Rose Papa Meiland

Rosa x centifolia’ was used for the production of essential oil and absolute. It is still cultivated in the fields of the Grasse hinterland. This sweet pink cabbage rose with a thousand petals is a historical variety painted in many 18th century still lifes.

5 – Rose ‘Roseraie de l’Hay

Roses anglaises

Born in the 19th century, ‘Roseraie de l’Hay’ a hybrid of Rugosa (Cochet 1912) is distinguished by its honey and clove fragrance. The semi-double flowers with a velvety texture evolve from carmine to fuchsia. Its ease of cultivation and its resistance to diseases make it very desirable.

6 – Rose ‘Stanwell Perpetual

Rose 'Stanwell Perpetual'

Stanwell Perpetual’, a Spinossima hybrid of blush pink color is one of the first to bloom from the beginning of May. It offers us the pleasure to change its perfume at every hour of the day. This is probably why it was the favorite of the famous English gardener Gertrud Jekill, even if its loose and gangly habit makes it complex to stage.

Modern roses, we see life in roses
They combine remontance (they bloom again until frost), resistance to disease and wonderful and often singular fragrances, fruit, myrrh and undergrowth.

7 – Rose ‘Château du Rivau

Rose Jude the Obcure

The rose ‘Château du Rivau’, created by André Eve in 2003, a vigorous white liana with a heart of golden stamens, smells like a green apple.

8 – Rose ‘Red Parfum

Rose 'Red Parfum'

‘Red Parfum’, another baby of André, a very beautiful climber with double red velvet flowers exhales a heady perfume, qualified as tea by the experts.

9 – Rose ‘The Pilgrim

Rose 'The Pilgrim'

The English roses obtained by the great rose gardener David Austin are really fascinating, both by their perfection of shape and color and their fragrances, especially since they bloom continuously until Christmas at the Château du Rivau! Their notes are so fruity that they can smell like fruit salad, sometimes flavored with lemongrass or musky notes (the scents emitted by the musk deer), very appreciated by some amateurs, or even myrrh which is close to anise.

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In the yellow ones, among the most fragrant, ‘the Pilgrim’ of flat shape but with many petals, combines notes of tea and myrrh (this word comes from the Latin word Myrrhis odorata which means “musky chervil” and which one translates by scent of anise).

10 – Rose ‘Scepter Isle

Rose 'Scepter Isle'

Scepter Isle’, a lovely English rose, double cup-shaped and pearly pink in color. It distils in the air this famous myrrh perfume while charming by the perfection of its flower and its resistance to diseases.

What fragrances and intoxication provided by these beautiful. The season is too short to appreciate them all. But the memory of a rose fragrance is as intense as the beauty of its flowers.


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