These Are The Most Expensive Flowers In The World

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A pretty bouquet of flowers is priceless – especially if one of these flowers is in it: some of the plants cost more than most people will earn in their entire lives.

A bouquet of flowers is a nice attention and a great gift for birthday, wedding and anniversary. The elegant flowers express feelings and affection in such a way, when we lack the appropriate words for it. And at the same time, the pretty arrangements can even be quite inexpensive – unless one of those most expensive flowers in the world is in the bouquet.

The most expensive flowers in the world: Top 6

1 saffron crocus: 1,300 euros per pound

These Are The Most Expensive Flowers In The World

These Are The Most Expensive Flowers In The World

The saffron crocus provides a popular luxury spice that enhances rice dishes, pasta and even cakes. From the beautiful purple flower, the red pistillate threads are extracted, which are harvested and dried by hand.

The enormous amount of work involved in the extraction of saffron also explains its impressive price: one kilo of the finished spice can easily cost 30,000 euros. Around 200,000 crocus blossoms are used for this quantity.

2 Rothschild’s slipper orchid: 5,000 euros

Diese Orchidee findet man nur im Malaysia’s Kinabalu National Park.
These Are The Most Expensive Flowers In The World

Rothschild’s slipper orchid is distinguished by its red stripes and long lateral flowers. It can only grow in the rainforests of Mount Kinabalu in the north of the Asian island of Borneo.

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Due to its special growing conditions, this beautiful flower is threatened with extinction. And that explains its price: on the black market, you can spend up to 5,000 euros for a flower stalk.

3 shenzhen nongke orchid: 250,000 euros

You thought 5,000 euros for a stem was a lot? Then hold on: for this flower you pay about 250,000 euros. With this price, the Shenzhen Nongke Orchid is the most expensive flower ever sold.

It is named after Shenzhen Nongke University in China, where it was bred. It took the scientists eight years to develop this beautiful flower. What is also special about the orchid is that it blooms only every four to five years.

4 Juliet Rose: 13.5 million euros

These Are The Most Expensive Flowers In The World

Strange but true: This rose costs more than most people earn in their entire lives. For the beautiful rose ‘Juliet’ you have to put down about 13.5 million euros.

The flower can afford this proud price because of its lengthy and special breeding. The development of the unique, peach-colored flower cost its creator about 15 years and 3 million dollars. Attention has won the rose for the first time in 2006 at the Chelsea Flower Show in England.

5 red middlemist camellia: Priceless

Die Middlemist Kamelie ist nach dem Botaniker John Middlemist benannt worden
These Are The Most Expensive Flowers In The World

Middlemist camellia cannot have a price tag attached to it, as the rare flower is not for sale. The rose-like plant was first brought to Europe in 1804 and was completely destroyed in its homeland.

Now there are only two specimens of the picture-perfect flower left: one is in a botanical garden in New Zealand and the other in an English greenhouse.

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6 kadupul flower: Priceless

Naturfotograf:innen sind begeistert von der atemberaubenden Blüte.
These Are The Most Expensive Flowers In The World

This cactus flower is one of the rarest flowers in the world – and therefore one of the most expensive. Its value can not be named, because no money in the world could buy this plant. If you are lucky, you can find it in Sri Lanka, India, Japan, China and several Latin American countries.

Its beauty also makes it very special: With its large, snow-white, star-shaped flowers, it enchants all who have managed to catch a glimpse of it. In fact, its beauty is of very short duration – the cactus flower opens at night and withers again at daybreak.


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