11 Easy-to-Grow Roses for Beginner Gardeners

Gone are the days when we had to maintain our rose garden on a constant basis. Gone are the days of frequent pruning and the regular application of pesticides and herbicides! Today’s rose lovers have a much simpler task, as there is an almost unlimited choice of beautiful, low-maintenance cultivars to choose from, from spring until the first frost.

Most new roses are very vigorous and disease resistant. Here are some suggestions:

1 Knockout Roses

Les rosiers  'Knockout'

Knockout’ roses are very popular, and for good reason: they bloom for a long time, are heat tolerant and do not require cutting back dead flowers. The following shades are available: cherry red, creamy yellow, soft pink and sunset.

2 Ballerina’ Roses

Les rosiers  'Ballerina'

Ballerina’ roses are appreciated for their abundance of small pink flowers that will remind you of apple blossoms. Their centers are lighter in color.

3 Zepherine Drouhin’ Roses

Les rosiers 'Zepherine Drouhin'

Zepherine Drouhin’ roses have been around for more than 150 years and produce deep pink flowers with a sweet “old-fashioned” fragrance. Climbing, this type of rose is suitable for sunny or partially shaded areas.

4 Mister Lincoln’ Rose

Le rosier 'Mister Lincoln'

Mister Lincoln’ is a hybrid shrub that produces dark red flowers with a velvet-like texture. It has dark green foliage and an exquisite fragrance. A climbing version is also available.

5 Carefree Beauty’ Rose

11 Easy-to-Grow Roses for Beginner Gardeners

Carefree Beauty’ is a vigorous shrub in almost any type of soil. Heat and cold resistant, this plant produces fragrant, deep pink flowers. Bonus: pretty light orange fruits.

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6 Mother Of Pearl’ Rose

Le rosier 'Mother of Pearl'

Mother of Pearl’ is a large-flowered bush rose that produces creamy peach flowers on an almost continuous base.

7 Graham Thomas’ Rose

Le rosier 'Graham Thomas'

Graham Thomas’ is a shrubby rose with a fragrance as sweet as honey. Its golden yellow flowers have a deeper golden center.

8 Marmalade Skies’ Rose

Le rosier 'Marmalade Skies'

Marmalade Skies’ is a compact floribunda with clusters of red tropical flowers and a delicious fruity fragrance.

9 Starry Night’ Rose

Le rosier 'Starry Night'

‘Starry Night’ is a hedge-type rose with clusters of eye-catching white flowers, each decorated with golden stamens. Its fragrance is sweet and light.

10 Oso Easy’ Roses

Les rosiers 'Oso Easy'

Oso Easy’ roses are low growing plants available in several shades: taffy apple, red, pink, butter yellow, peach and paprika.

11 Julia Child’ Rose

Le rosier 'Julia Child'

Julia Child’ is a robust floribunda with butter yellow flowers and glossy leaves. Its fragrance is reminiscent of licorice.


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