What Smells Will Drive Mice Away?

What Smells Will Drive Mice Away?

Although mice look cute with their beady eyes and nose, they often become a nuisance in the garden or house. With some home remedies you can get rid of them.

Most people don’t want mice in their garden, house or apartment. Because as soon as they have settled only once, it can come fast to a whole mice plague. However, there is no need to resort to poison; instead, consumers can use natural means to drive them away.

Get rid of mice in the house and garden: Odors drive away the animals

Since mice are considered very sensitive to odors, you can simply resort to products that the animals do not like – or better, that the mice can not smell. These include peppermint oil, as Utopia reports. To keep the rodents away, some oil can be put on several rags. Subsequently, these can be placed on the entrances of their burrows as well as on the paths

Vinegar is a well-tried household remedy – not only for cleaning, but also to drive away mice, it is said to be suitable. For this, a bucket of hot water can be mixed with enough vinegar to give the mixture an acidic smell. Those who already have micein their four walls, can use the liquid to wipe the entire floor.

It is essential to wipe the places that are difficult to reach. After that, a cloth can also be soaked in the mixture, and placed in front of the mouse holes. But not only mice, but also moths can be scared away with some tricks, as 24garten.de reports.

Fighting mice: cat litter works wonders

Who has a cat as a pet, can instead against the mice to cat litter. Usually the smell of the Fellnase is already sufficient, in order to chase the mice into the escape. If you want to be on the safe side, you can put some cat litter in a bag and place it near the rodents.

At the same time, both cat owners and all other consumers should take care to dispose of potential food sources. This is because both litter and food scraps attract mice. Snails are also attracted because of food, but you can get rid of them too. Garbage cans with food scraps should still be placed as far away from the house as possible.

Getting rid of mice in the house: Precaution as a solution

Consumers can also make sure that all entrances are closed to prevent rodents from entering the house. This is because the animals often get in through an open door gap or leaky windows, for example. Open basement windows can also become a problem, as can holes in the exterior wall of the house.

As soon as a mouse has entered the building, it should first be traced how and where it managed to do so. Possible weak points can then usually be repaired. For example, plaster, silicone or mortar can help with holes in the walls.

Fighting mice in the garden: gas and fish drive the rodents away

But mice are not only a nuisance in the house, they are also a nuisance in the garden. Because: mice gnaw everything possible – from roots to bark. This can lead to the roots being injured and thus the water supply to the plants is no longer guaranteed. The end of the story: the plants in the garden wilt and, in the worst case, even die.

But even in the garden, you do not have to resort to traps or chemical means to fight the mice. Certain scents can be used here as well. Similar to moles, mice do not like the smell of fish, for example. Homemade stink bombs made of buttermilk, whey or fish remains help. But the portal notes that these have only a very limited effect.

Far more effective is to be carbide – a gas, which develops unpleasant smell in contact with humidity. An effective means of combating mice. The advantage: The mice look for the way, without taking a damage. This is done by opening the exit of the vole tunnels, adding carbide and then closing everything again so that no gas can escape. And the mice are history – and possibly also those in the neighboring garden.

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