Planting A Mallow: Location

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Colorful, flowering and delicate – that’s what they are, the mallows. Planting them does not require much effort and they are undemanding. But the following aspects, you should keep in mind when planting.

Malve pflanzen

Which location is suitable?
Mallows are considered adaptable in the question of a suitable location . But they prefer to grow in a sunny place. There they form the most flowers. They also do well in partial shade.

Planting A Mallow: Location

Tall-growing mallows, such as hollyhock or beauty mallow, which like to reach a size of up to 2 m, should be planted in a protected position. In addition, it is advisable to tie them to a stick to prevent them from bending over.

What should be the characteristics of the soil?
Mauves will suffice with a normal garden soil. Only with compacted and peaty soils they can not get along. Ideally, the substrate should have the following characteristics:

  • moderately nutrient-rich to nutrient-rich
  • humus
  • permeable
  • slightly calcareous
  • fresh to moist environment

What planting distance is necessary?

Basically, you can use a minimum planting distance of 30 cm as a guide. Also remember that upward spacing is important when planting your mallow in a pot on the balcony. Some species of mallow rise extremely high.

How to sow them?

Planting a purchased mallow is not worth much. This cost can be saved, because mallow, as a rule, germinates well, and sowing happens without any problems. Many species, such as hollyhock or bush mallow, resprout every year. Other species like to self-seed….

The following should be noted when sowing seeds:

  • Preplanting is unnecessary
  • Direct sowing in the period between March and May
  • Dark germination: cover seeds 1 to 2 cm thick with soil
  • Germination temperature: 15 to 20 °C
  • Germination period: 2 to 3 weeks
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When do mallows bloom?
Depending on the species of mallow and provided it is cared for properly, mallows bloom at different times. While some species blossom in May, other species start flowering in June or July. The flowering period can last through September.

Tips & Tricks
When planted together with lupines or magerites, the mallows’ flowering time provides beautiful contrasts.


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