Lavender Does Not Bloom – What’s Wrong?

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:59 pm

Actually, lavender is known and loved for its abundant flowers. Sometimes, however, the plants remain without flowers. There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

Lavendel blüht nicht

Consider location and soil conditions
Lavender is very sensitive to the growing conditions it prefers, especially in terms of location and soil conditions. If it does not like its location, it can go on flowering strike. Lavender loves:

  • a fully sunny location (i.e. also no partial shade or under a tree!)
  • as much warmth as possible – the hotter the better
  • no wind
  • well-drained, nutrient-poor soil, preferably sandy and / or stony.

Lavender Does Not Bloom - What's Wrong?

Especially if the summer is quite cold and perhaps rainy, you do not have to wonder about the lack of flowers on your lavender. The plant comes from the Mediterranean and is therefore accustomed to as much heat as possible. In addition, the soil condition is often a reason for the lack of flowers: the soil is either too heavy / loamy or also too acidic. Rhododendron likes to stand on acidic peat soils, but lavender does not tolerate such soil. If your soil is not ideal, you can amend it accordingly (for example with sand, gravel or pebbles) or transplant the lavender. Sometimes, however, you are completely innocent of the fact that your lavender remains without flowers – then the lack of flowers is due to incorrect care, for example, in the garden center. In this case, the only thing that helps is to wait: Next year, the plant is sure to bloom.

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Do not cut lavender too late

It is generally recommended that lavender be cut back by at least half in the spring to bring the shrub back into shape. However, pruning should not be done too late, otherwise the plant will put its energies into sprouting young shoots instead of flowering. Provided that the weather cooperates, you should cut back the lavender as early as March, but no later than April. Also, don’t forget to fertilize the lavender according to its needs after cutting. Some gardeners also recommend not pruning quite so drastically in the spring, preferring instead to cut more away in the summer.

Tips & Tricks
Another reason for lavender’s laziness in flowering can be improper overwintering. If the plants are overwintered in a heated living room instead of in the garden or under cold house conditions, they use up far too much energy, which is then no longer sufficient to produce flowers in spring.


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