Where Is The Best Place To Put A Christmas Cactus?

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As the name suggests, the Christmas cactus enchants at Christmas time with its delicate flowers. Therefore, he is a welcome guest in many a parlor. In the culture of Christmas cactus, among other things, the location must be right.

The Best Place To Put A Christmas Cactus?

  • light to half shade
  • no direct sun
  • avoid blazing midday sun
  • loves morning and evening sun
  • avoid temperatures below 10 degrees
  • during the day temperatures around 21 degrees
  • at night 17 to 19 degrees
  • somewhat cooler in summer
  • no draught
  • sufficient humidity
  • no waterlogging

Warm preferred

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Christmas Cactus?

It likes the warm, but it should be noted that it does not find a place directly above the heater, because the roots are sensitive to high heat and damage may occur. Especially on a windowsill made of stone or marble, the pot should be placed on a cork trivet. Furthermore, when choosing a location should be noted

  • no window facing south
  • ideal window facing east or west
  • Shading in case of strong midday sun

Once the right spot has been found, frequent changes of location should be avoided. The Christmas cactus always depends on the sun. If it is now constantly moved or only the pot simply rotated, it would turn back to the sun. This can lead to damage, especially during flower formation. Due to the change in the incidence of light, the cactus will shed before the buds open or the flowers themselves. Therefore, moving the plant should only be done before or after flowering. By the way, with proper location and care, Christmas cactus can live up to 30 years.

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Soil well permeable

Briefly, a few words about the substrate. Of course, not only a good location is enough, but the soil is also responsible for a healthy growth and flowering of the plant. Features should be

  • sandy to loamy
  • fresh to moderately moist
  • well drained
  • nutrient-rich
  • no waterlogging
  • no lime
  • pH value between 5.5 and 6.0

Well suited is a mixture of cactus soil with clay granules or sand or
garden or commercial potting soil mixed with sand
Mixing ratio 1 part sand : 4 parts substrate

Moving outdoors

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Christmas Cactus?

Despite the fact that the Christmas cactus is very sensitive to cold, so it is also not winter-hardy, it can safely move to the open ground in the summer in a container. The change of location can be done when night temperatures no longer fall below 10 degrees. However, it is advisable to accustom it slowly to the temperatures before moving it completely outdoors for the summer. To do this, it should initially spend only a few hours outside. In the case of an outdoor stay, it also has the same requirements as in the case of culture in the room. The tub should then be brought back indoors when the night temperature drops towards 10 degrees. This move serves as a rest for the Schlumbergera. It is not in the winter, as with other plants, but in the summer.

Darkness required

In order for the Christmas cactus to form many buds, it needs darkness from the end of September/beginning of October for about six weeks. The Schlumbergera is a so-called short-day plant. It only forms buds when the days get shorter, usually from mid-September. Then the Christmas cactus also makes other demands on its location and care. Ideal would be a place in a cool bedroom or other room. it needs during this period

  • temperatures around 15 degrees
  • reduction of watering
  • no fertilization
  • at least 9 to 12 hours of darkness daily
  • no more artificial lighting
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Only when the first buds appear, the cactus can be placed again in a brighter place, in the normal room and the temperature can be increased to 20 degrees. Likewise, more watering must be done. These conditions can be maintained until the summer, when the plant moves outdoors.


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