Why Does Basil Get Brown Leaves?

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:58 pm

If the leaves on basil turn brown, this is a clear indication of health problems. These can be due to failures in care, a disease or a pest infestation. The following overview points the way in the search for causes.

Basilikum braune Blätter

Failure in care
Since basil immigrated from tropical regions, the herb plant depends on adequate location and prudent care. The following shortcomings can cause brown leaves:

  • a too cool location with temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius.
  • a substrate that is too wet or too poor in nutrients
  • a planting container that is too small

Diseases and pests

Why Does Basil Get Brown Leaves?

If the causes of brown leaves are not care mistakes, one of the following diseases or a cunning pest is usually behind it:

  • Wilt or stem rot (Fusarium oxysorum).
  • Leaf spot disease
  • Aphids
  • Black dock owl
  • Common meadow bug

Countering diseases and pests with chemicals is frowned upon for food crops in the hobby garden. There is now a wide range of biological control methods available, in harmony with nature and for the benefit of health.


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