Avocado Gets Brown Leaves – Causes & Treatment Tips

No matter how you care for an avocado plant – sometimes it still gets brown leaves. This can have several causes.

Avocadobekommt braune Blätter

Compared to many other exotic plants, the avocado is quite easy to keep. Nevertheless, it can happen from time to time that it gets brown leaves. This, in turn, can be the result of various causes. For example, waterlogging or a lack of water, too much or too little fertilizer or the wrong location can be to blame. However, there is a simple solution for all these problems.

Causes & treatment tips

Waterlogging/lack of water:

Brown leaves can appear on an avocado due to too much wetness. This is because the plant can only tolerate moderate moisture. So water relatively little. However, brown leaf tips can also be a sign of water deficiency.


If young avocado plants have been fertilized too heavily, the leaves may also turn brown. Accordingly, provide the plant with nutrients only moderately. Two sticks of fertilizer, for example, are often already too much.


However, brown leaves are also caused by an incorrect location. For example, if the avocado stands at a south window, then it would be possible that it has a sunburn. So the avocado plant is best not to put too dark, but in a bright location (but not directly in the sun).

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