How To Plant Basil On The Balcony

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The herb garden on the balcony is only complete, basil in a pot joins it. In order for the aromatic herb plant to develop its full potential, professional planting comes into focus. You can find out here which requirements need to be taken into account.

Basilikum Balkon

List of materials and preparatory work
Basil plants from the supermarket usually have the disadvantage that they die within a week. Instead, experienced hobby gardeners can create strong, vigorous seedlings on the windowsill by sowing them. Therefore, until the beginning of the planting season in mid-May, the seedlings thrive behind glass. In addition, the following materials are required:

  • a herb pot with a diameter of at least 15 cm and a bottom opening
  • inorganic material for drainage, such as pebbles, grit, expanded clay or clay shards
  • an air and water permeable fleece
  • potting soil on compost basis
  • fine-grained sand and horn shavings

How To Plant Basil On The Balcony

To prevent the potting soil from compacting, add a handful of sand as well as some horn shavings as additional nutrients. This mixture goes for disinfection in a fireproof container for 30 minutes in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius.

Instructions for proper planting
Since basil does not tolerate temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius, planting is only considered after the Ice Saints. Put the still potted young plant with the root ball in water until no more air bubbles rise. Meanwhile, tackle the rest of the work like this:

  • spread the drainage over the opening in the bottom of the pot
  • spread the fleece over it, so that the coarse material does not clog up
  • fill in a handful of the substrate
  • plant the unpotted king weed in the middle of the substrate
  • fill in the rest of the substrate, press down lightly and water.
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Do not expose freshly planted basil to full sun immediately. Only after an acclimation period of 3-4 days in partial shade, the warm rays of the sun are welcome. In the following period, make sure that the soil does not dry out. After 4-6 weeks, the nutrients in the substrate are depleted, so fertilize for the first time.

A spirited pruning of young basil plants will encourage further branching. If you repeatedly pinch back the shoot tips, the plant will thrive all the more bushy. At the same time, flowering is prevented, which regularly makes the taste of mullein bitter.

Tips & tricks
Not only geranium plants look wonderful on the balcony railing. Basil can also be easily cultivated in balcony boxes on the railing. Advantage: You always have the spice within reach to refine the taste of your lunch.


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