Why Your Clivia Does Not Want To Bloom

Clivia (Clivia miniata) is also called strap leaf and usually blooms from December. It is a popular indoor and winter garden plant. If the clivia does not bloom, it may have several reasons:

Why Your Clivia Does Not Want To Bloom
  • Location should be bright but not sunny and cool at about 8 to 10°C, in any case not above 12°C . Only when the flowering stem is formed, it may be placed in partial shade and warm place (18 to 20°C).
  • The substrate must not be kept too moist in winter. The plants only need enough water so that the soil does not dry out completely and the leaves remain intact. When the leaves sprout and the flowering stem develops, spray with water from time to time. However, do not increase watering until the flower shafts are about 15 inches tall.
  • Also, once flower shafts appear, do not turn the plant. It is best to attach a light marker to the pot so that the plants are back in the same direction after cleaning, repotting, etc. Otherwise the clivias will react directly with flower drop.

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