Save An Avocado Pit To Grow A Nice Green Plant!

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:48 pm

Are you addicted to guacamole? Don’t throw away the pits of your avocados after you’ve pureed them, but save them for replanting. Plant the avocado pit get a nice plant to decorate your garden or your interior! Okay, however, don’t count on seeing any new fruit growing there….

Good to know: You can also keep citrus seeds to grow pretty fruit trees. It’s very easy and very effective when you know the right technique!

How to grow a plant from the avocado pit?

Save An Avocado Pit To Grow A Nice Green Plant!

1/ Gently remove the pit from your avocado and set it aside.

2/ Wash it in warm water, taking care not to remove its brown skin.

3/ Prick the center of the pit with 4 toothpicks so that it fits over a glass.

Save An Avocado Pit To Grow A Nice Green Plant!

4/ Now you have to germinate the pit. Place the pit over a glass of water filled with water.

5/ Put the glass in a temperate place, near a window or in a well-lit space so that it can germinate easily.

6/ Change the water every two days to avoid bacteria formation. The bottom of the core should always remain submerged. This will allow the sprout to appear and develop its future root system. The germination will then give the beginnings allowing the plantation of the future avocado tree.

Save An Avocado Pit To Grow A Nice Green Plant!

After 2 or 3 weeks, the outer film of the core will dry out and then peel off. The core should then start to open up at the top and bottom. After 3 to 4 weeks, a root should appear at the bottom of the pit. Leave the avocado in water to allow the roots to develop properly. A bud should then appear.

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noyau avocat plante

How to replant your avocado tree in its soil

1/ Take the stone out of the water glass and delicately remove the toothpicks.

2/ Put your stone in a pot when its roots have reached a height of 10 to 15 cm. A 15 cm diameter pot will be perfect for this. Do not immerse the core completely in the soil.

The foliage of these trees appreciates a temperature ranging from 15 to 30°C. Without necessarily putting it in full sun, make sure it is in a bright place with your other green plants (veranda, etc.)

There is also a faster method, that of planting the avocado pit directly in the ground, but the result will be a little longer.

noyau avocat plante


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