Best Locations To Plant Verbena?

Verbena – a bed and balcony plant, which has not everyone. But to enjoy it for a long time should be offered a suitable location.

Eisenkraut Standort

Site requirements of verbena: sunny and moist.
If verbena had a choice, it would choose a full-sun location in a position protected from the wind. The shadier the place, the less flowers are formed by the vervain.

It does not make any special demands on the soil. It tolerates acidic and neutral as well as alkaline substrates. A very sandy or clayey substrate increases the amount of care required. Verbena prefers to grow in soil that has the following characteristics:

  • moist environment
  • well drained
  • moderately nutritious
  • humus

Tips & Tricks
It should be noted that verbena requires a nutrient-poor substrate when sown. Later, this must be replaced with a more nutrient-rich substrate.


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