How To Sow Verbena – In The Pot And In The Open Ground

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Verbena is considered undemanding. Nevertheless, do not just in passing scatter the seeds in the garden or balcony box and leave to themselves. Then you can possibly hope for success for a long time and wait…

Eisenkraut aussäen

The right time for sowing

Verbena can be sown outdoors from the end of April and until mid-June. If you want to grow it at home on the windowsill, you can start from February and until April at the latest.

How To Sow Verbena - In The Pot And In The Open Ground

Preculture: from seed to seedling.
Once you have procured the seeds, follow these steps:

  • Fill seed tray with nutrient-poor substrate.
  • press the seeds into the soil and cover them with a maximum of 5 mm of soil (light germination)
  • moisten vigorously with water from plant spray bottle
  • place in a warm place (temperature of 20 °C)
  • keep moist for the next few weeks
  • after 12 to 20 days the seedlings appear
  • In the open ground, when sowing or pricking out, make sure there is a distance of 25 to 30 cm between each verbena plant. If the verbena is to grow in a pot, it should be deep enough, as the plant develops long roots.

Then: The right choice of location.
After the Ice Saints in May, verbena can be planted or relocated to the balcony. The choice should be made for a sunny location. Alternatively, a semi-shaded location can be selected. But beware: the sunnier, the larger and more flowering verbena. In general, the place should be in a position protected from the wind.

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To keep the later care effort low, it is recommended to pay attention to the substrate. The soil should be well-drained, so that waterlogging can not form. Furthermore, a lean to moderately nutrient-rich and humus-rich substrate with a dry to moist environment is advantageous.

Tips & Tricks
As soon as the verbena plants have reached a height of 8 cm, you should destem them. As a result, they branch better.


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