Cut Mallows: How To Do It Right!

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Mallows bloom strikingly and in a variety of colors. But to enjoy them for a long time, they should be kept in good shape. Here is an overview of the most common types of mallow and how to cut them back.

Malve schneiden

Is cutting necessarily necessary?

Annual mallows, which are not frost-hardy and which include, for example, cup mallows, do not need to be cut back. On the other hand, pruning of perennial species is an important part of care. Pruning promotes their growth habit and makes it bushier and denser.

How to cut hollyhock mallow?

Cut Mallows: How To Do It Right!

Stock mallows are biennial to perennial. They require several cuts:

  • Cut off flowers immediately after fading (seed formation robs strength).
  • remove diseased and wilted leaves
  • in autumn or at the latest in spring, cut off the long stem to just above the ground

How to cut bush mallow?

To prevent bush mallow from becoming bald and looking unsightly, it should be pruned once a year – preferably in spring. Shorten your bush mallow by at least 2/3.

How to cut musk mallow?

Musk mallows, like Mauritanian mallow, are hardy and should receive pruning in the spring. Their foliage protects them throughout the winter. It is sufficient to cut them back by a third in spring due to their moderately vigorous growth.

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How to prune tree mallows?

Tree mallows are biennial fellows. They are in full bloom only in the second year of their life. For this reason, they should not be pruned. Pruning would rob them of many flower spikes.

How are prairie mallows pruned?

Prairie mallows are just as common as cup mallows. They require a pruning procedure twice. The first is done in the summer. At summer time, faded inflorescences are removed regularly. This allows new flowers to emerge and prevents seed formation. If you want to gain seeds, leave the last flowers in late summer.

The second pruning is done in the fall or spring before bud break. This involves radically pruning the plant to just above the ground. It is best to use loppers or rose shears to cut woody parts.

Tips & tricks
It is also worth cutting off individual mallow flowers before they fade. They are decorative, edible and extremely beneficial for digestion due to the mucilage they contain.


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