How To Care For Your Mallow?

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The majority of mallow species are considered to be extremely frugal and easy to care for. Nevertheless, mallows need a portion of care. But what procedures are important?

Malve gießen

How, how often and with what should be watered mallows?

Malva can be watered with tap water without hesitation, because they like lime. Moderate and regular watering should be done. The best time of day is in the evening. In summer, it is advisable to water every day on hot days and full-sun locations when rain is absent. Watering is done directly on the root zone.

How To Care For Your Mallow?

Do mallows need to be fertilized?
If they were planted outdoors in a nutrient-rich soil, not necessarily. However, a more abundant bloom can be expected with a regular application of fertilizer. Suitable fertilizers include:

  • Compost
  • Stable manure
  • Nettle broth

Potted plants that are placed on the balcony, for example, should be provided with a complete fertilizer once or twice a month. If you want to eat the mallows or their leaves and flowers, use an organic fertilizer such as guano.(12,00 at Amazon*)

How to propagate mallow?
Some species of mallow, such as musk mallow, can be easily propagated by cuttings in the summer. Others are easier to propagate by sowing. Mallows are dark germinators and germinate after 2 to 3 weeks.

Is overwintering recommended?
Depending on the species, overwintering is recommended. Mallows such as cup mallow, wild mallow and Mauritanian mallow can be reseeded every year without problems and great effort. For other and larger growing mallows such as bush mallow, it is worthwhile to cover them with a layer of leaves or fleece over the winter.

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What diseases affect mallows?
Often mallows are attacked by the so-called mallow rust, a fungal disease. A too humid environment is the cause. Mallow rust is noticeable by brown to orange spots to blisters on the stems, leaves and fruits.

Is pruning necessary?
It is sufficient to cut off the wilted flowers regularly during the summer. As a result, new flowers will continuously form until autumn. If you want to overwinter your mallow, you should cut it back heavily to the ground in the fall .

If several plants are affected by mallow rust, the fungal pathogen can be controlled with a tincture of field horsetail.


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