Find A Location For The Mallow

Although there are many species of mallow , but they all have similar requirements for the site and the soil. Here is a comprehensible overview.

Malve Standort

Requirements for the location and soil
Mallows love full sun to sunny locations. They are tolerant of partial shade. Mallow species such as the wild mallow thrive even at altitudes of up to 1,800 meters. Nevertheless, preference when planting should be given to a warm location protected from wind and rain (especially for tall-growing mallows such as bush mallows and stick mallows).

To avoid much effort in the care of the mallow, distance should be taken from a peaty soil and choose a substrate with the following characteristics.

  • rich in nutrients
  • humus
  • calcareous
  • well permeable
  • dry to slightly moist

Tips & Tricks
Many mallow species and varieties do well in beds with daisies and lupins.


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