How To Plant, Care For And Cut Musk Mallow

How To Plant, Care For And Cut Musk Mallow

Musk mallow is an ancient medicinal plant that captivates with its large flowers. In the garden it is not only something for the eye, but also an important food source for bees.

Musk mallow belongs to the mallow family and is characterized by its large white or pink flowers. The herbaceous plant blooms from June to October and attracts bees and other insects with its delicate scent. Musk mallow is considered a valuable medicinal plant and is said to have expectorant, diuretic and cough-relieving properties, among others.

Planting musk mallow: location and procedure
If you would like to plant the musk mallow at your place, too, you should first look for the suitable location in your garden for it. The mallow species likes it:

  • sunny,
  • relatively dry,
  • sandy and permeable
  • as well as low in lime and rich in nitrogen.

How To Plant, Care For And Cut Musk Mallow

As for when to plant the musk mallow, you are quite flexible. You can plant it from spring to autumn.

  • Dig suitable planting holes with enough distance from each other. Keep in mind that musk mallow can grow up to 60 centimeters wide. Therefore, keep a distance of about 60 centimeters. So on one square meter you can place about three to five plantlets.
  • Fill the planting holes with the excavated soil and press them well.
  • The musk mallow is sometimes quite delicate, so it is a good idea to secure it with an appropriate support.

Tip: You can also cultivate the musk mallow in a pot or tub without any problems.

Caring for musk mallow: Here’s how

How To Plant, Care For And Cut Musk Mallow

Once the musk mallow is well grown, not too much care is needed. First and foremost, it is important that you water it regularly.

  • The plant should never dry out. Especially in summer, when it is hot and dry for a long time, you have to water it. However, you should avoid waterlogging at all costs. It is best to water in the morning or evening.
  • You do not need to fertilize the musk mallow regularly. Simply provide it with some compost or liquid fertilizer at the beginning of the growth phase in spring. But: If you cultivate the plant in a pot, you have to fertilize it regularly. You can also use a homemade fertilizer.
  • Malva sometimes suffers from the so-called mallow rust. The disease spreads quickly, so you should cut back all affected parts as soon as possible in case of an infestation.
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Cut musk mallow: Necessary or not?

You don’t really need to cut back the musk mallow regularly. However, it is important that you remove withered and dead or dried plant parts. If you do not do this, the plant will not grow again and will not produce new flowers.


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