Do It Yourself: Build Garden Table From Wooden Boxes

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When the spring sun shines, you long to finally be back in the garden or on the balcony in the fresh air. Preferably with a delicious drink and a nice book. So that both can be nicely put down, no 08/15 garden table from the hardware store must her.

If you want to get a little crafty, you can easily assemble your own garden furniture. How about a garden table made of wooden crates, for example? The self-made piece of furniture fills every hobby craftsman with pride and is a real upcycling project.

Do It Yourself: Build Garden Table From Wooden Boxes
Place the four boxes together, sand and screw together – then the table is almost ready.

Do It Yourself: Build Garden Table From Wooden Boxes

The self-made wooden table offers not only storage space, but also storage space for blankets, bottles or sunscreen. By arranging the boxes, there is also a recess in the middle. There, for example, a beautiful plant or a parasol can be placed.

Instructions for a garden table made of wooden boxes

Here you can download the instructions for a garden table made of wooden crates as a PDF.

What you need

  • 4 wooden crates, e.g. fruit crates
  • Sandpaper
  • 16 screws (length approx. 3 cm)
  • cordless drill
  • Wood varnish

And this is how it works

Select the sides of the wooden crates that will later make up the table surface and place the crates in the arrangement and orientation you want. The opening of the crates should face outward so that they can later be used for storage.
Now thoroughly sand the surfaces of the wooden crates that will later serve as the tabletop with sandpaper.

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Place the four fruit crates in the chosen order on a flat surface. The sanded surface of the table is at the bottom. This way, the surface of the garden table will be as straight as possible in the end.
In the next step, fasten the individual wooden crates to each other with the help of a cordless drill. Two screws each at the top and bottom of the crates are enough to connect the crates stably.

Be sure to place the screws where you can’t back out the other side of the crate. If this does happen, you can bend the screws with a hammer so that the risk of injury is eliminated.
To ensure that the wooden table is well protected from the weather and dirt, you should seal it with wood varnish. Before applying the varnish, the surface of the boxes must be cleaned of dirt and dust residues. This is easily done with a small broom. After that, apply the wood varnish generously and let the table dry overnight.
Note: When buying, make sure that the wood varnish is as environmentally friendly as possible.
Tip: You can also use the box construction as a divider with storage space. To do this, simply set up the table.

Do It Yourself: Build Garden Table From Wooden Boxes


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