Do It Yourself: Growing Aid From Egg Cartons

Do It Yourself: Growing Aid From Egg Cartons

The gardening season is just around the corner and with it the first preparations for harvesting your own vegetables, fresh herbs and fruit from the organic garden. At the start of the gardening season, I plan to grow the plants in advance. For this purpose, I have made a propagator out of egg cartons, which is a great way to sow the seeds. I’ll share the instructions for the propagator with you here.

Making a seed tray from egg cartons – Upcycling seed tray in an egg carton

I am a gardening novice and therefore not yet equipped with all the tools and utensils you need. And so I don’t have a small windowsill greenhouse to grow seeds in. But I’m a practical person and thought to myself: I’m sure this can be done without professional equipment… So I made a mini greenhouse with my son out of an old egg carton and a bag. It’s great training for fine motor skills and the little ones can learn a lot. Not only while making things: It’s especially exciting when the seeds sprout out of the ground!

The great thing about the egg cartons: you can simply plant out the tender plants with the egg carton after the last night frosts. I recommend poking a few holes in the carton with a wooden skewer so that the roots can find their way out. This is especially important for the tender roots of the tomato. The egg carton rots over time.

Especially before Easter, there are egg cartons left over that would otherwise end up in the rubbish. So this is the perfect time to make growing containers or decorations like pretty rooster egg cups out of them.
Instructions for a growing tray made from an egg carton

What you need

1 egg carton
Growing soil
an old fruit bag (or similar)
Planting labels

And this is how it works

Cut off the lid of the egg carton.
Fill the hollows of the egg carton with soil.
Place the seeds in or on top of the soil - depending on whether they are dark sprouts or light sprouts.
Moisten the soil and seeds with water from a spray bottle.
Use planting tags to mark which seeds have been sown. Use the flap of the egg carton to close it. Cut to size, label and insert into the soil.
To ensure a moist, good climate for germination, the seed tray can be placed in a bag. Close it with a knot, leaving a small opening so that the air can still circulate well. This prevents mould. 
Place the propagator from the egg carton in a warm room on the windowsill and watch it grow and thrive.

The loaded egg carton is now in a bag.

Make your own propagator from egg cartons: Tips

You can easily make your own growing soil. Read how to make your own growing soil in the raccoon magazine.
Mark your seedlings with self-made planting tags or purchased planting tags.
Take good care of the climate in the propagation box so that nothing moulds. It is best to air the box from time to time so that there is not too much moisture.

I wish you lots of fun gardening and a successful harvest!

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