How To Grow Cilantro On The Balcony

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With coriander any balcony turns into a Mediterranean spice garden. How to sow the handy seeds directly into the planter, you will learn here. On top of that, there are instructions on how to care for them in containers and boxes.

Koriander Balkon

Sowing seeds in the balcony box – it’s so easy.
Coriander does not like to be transplanted. To spare the spice plant the stress, we recommend sowing directly into the planter. The best time to start is from the end of March to mid-April. How to do it right:

  • the perfect balcony box is at least 45 cm wide and 25 cm deep
  • spread a thin layer of grit over the water drain in the bottom as drainage
  • fill with herbal soil or a mixture of potting soil and sand and moisten it
  • scatter the coriander seeds and as light germinators sift over a maximum of 0.5 cm

How To Grow Cilantro On The Balcony

In the semi-shaded window place at an ideal 20-25 degrees Celsius, germination begins within a week. If you place the planter on the still cool balcony, the seeds take a little longer. Keep the sowing and the seedlings constantly moist. If the planting box is crowded, select the weaker specimens to a planting distance of 15-20 centimeters.

How to care for cilantro on the balcony in an exemplary manner.

In May, the outdoor season for coriander begins. Now the spice plants want a sunny location, where they should nevertheless not come under blazing midday sun. The focus of care measures is a restrained water and nutrient supply. Coriander copes better with moderately dry soil than with waterlogging. To water and fertilize the plants properly:

  • Water only when the substrate surface has dried out.
  • fertilize every 3-4 weeks with an organic liquid preparation.
  • If you plant cilantro on the balcony in pre-fertilized soil, there is no need to add fertilizer. A mulch layer of expanded clay has an advantageous effect. This does not release excess nutrients and keeps the planting soil warm and moist for longer.
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Tips & Tricks
If sowing in a planter box or pot is too time-consuming, buy young coriander plants on the market. Simply shorten the shoots to a few centimeters and place the root ball in a water glass. If the plant sprouts new, plant it in herb or potting soil.


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