Harvest Time Of Artichokes: When Are They Ripe?

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:45 pm

Although artichokes are also grown in our country, they often appear as real exotics. The question arises when to harvest the flowers for consumption. We explain when the right time to harvest.

  • Annuals can be harvested later than older plants
  • A closed, firm bud indicates that it is ready to harvest
  • Even flowers that are already open can still be used as ornamental decoration in the flower vase

Plant age and harvest time

Generally speaking, artichokes are harvested from summer until late autumn. The size of the plants and flowers alone results in a certain growth period until maturity, so that the harvest can only start in the middle to end of summer. However, the harvest time is not always the same. It depends largely on whether the artichokes are in their first year of growth, or whether they have already gone through a wintering period:

  • First year: Ripening from the end of August to mid-September.
  • Subsequent years: Ripening from the end of July

Harvest Time Of Artichokes: When Are They Ripe?

Attention: If unusual weather conditions occur over a longer period of time, or if your location of the artichokes is strongly one-sided, the time for harvesting can deviate significantly!

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Recognizing the harvest time on the artichoke

In addition to the season or the calendar weeks and months, you should be able to distinguish ripe from unripe by looking at the artichoke flower itself. This is the only way to recognize possible deviations in the time of harvesting and, if necessary, to take action earlier or sometimes later. The flower must have the following characteristics for harvest maturity:

  • compact
  • firm
  • still closed
  • brown flower tips

If the bud has already begun to open, you need to act quickly. For a short time you can still harvest, but already after a short time the hearts and even the petals lose their flavor and consistency.

Tip: If you have missed the time to harvest for consumption, do not dispose of artichokes. Because even in the flower vase, the large-sized flowers can convince with their sheer dimensions and bright blue-purple colors.

Frequently asked questions

It’s already late August and my artichoke flowers are still not ready to harvest. What am I doing wrong?

You are not doing anything wrong. But little sun and water can delay development. Water the plants during severe drought and look forward to the merely delayed harvest.

I’m not sure if the flower tip is brown yet. Is it possible to harvest too early?

In general, a little too early is not critical. However, the yield is then usually lower because the bud is still small. If, on the other hand, you harvest much too early, the still bright green bud will be inedible.

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Why do older plants ripen earlier?

In the first year, artichokes first need strength for size growth. Only then does flower growth follow. Perennial plants already come out of winter with reserves and a certain head start and enter flower growth earlier.


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